SIS Oral History Project - Mrs. Ann Cooper

This past weekend I asked an older poet when she would give me permission to record her on video. Her response was, "Probably never."

I respect her decision and will allow a few more months to elapse on before I ask again. But this video by the Spellman Oral History Project is the reason I keep asking older women to allow themselves to be recorded.

Mrs. Cooper at 108 has made her transition to the upper realm. In this short video she has graced us with a life that is far deeper than we know and has possible clues about on how shall we go forward.

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Lisa Bettany Visit to This Week In Tech

Lisa Bettany is a photographer who uses web video in addition to text and photos on her site.

It is used as a promotional tool for her site Mostly Lisa and a means of providing tutorials to her site visitors; especially on the Camera+ application for iPhones.

In this video, she is visiting Leo Laporte's This Week in Tech and showing a bit of the behind the scene action.

If you want to learn more about the Camera+ photo app you can visit the web site or check it out via iTunes.


Weight Loss For Deb

It is the time when the oppressive infomercials appear on broadcast and cable television. And the diet ads. And the Perfect people who implore you to spend mega bucks on getting the perfect body.

What if you are a real person? A person with a body that you have to take care of but you will never, ever be 5 feet and 7 inches? You know what? You do what you can where you can.

This is Deb Roby and she is demonstrating 10 examples of stuff you can do from home. Deb has a blog called Weight Loss for Deb where she talks about the truth of losing and gaining weigh.

It is a challenge and a process that does not involve tanning, Daisy Dukes or greasing up your legs so that they shine pretty for the camera.

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