Oyster farming, Drake's Bay

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Kevin Lunny, owner of Drake's Bay Family Farms on the Point Reyes National Seashore in Marin County, California, discusses the sustainable practice of oyster farming. Read more about Lunny and the controversy surrounding the National Park Service's attempts to shut down the farm at Nanoramas.

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facts of life

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This one's for all the mummy v/bloggers out there who have ever stuggled with potty training. The fact that my daughter have vocabulary enough to talk about this probably says enough about how long we've been struggling to get her to do a "number 2" in the toilet. Someone mentioned personal media? It doens't get more personal than this... My daughter will most definitely hate me in 12 years time when she finds out I published this for the world to see, but never mind...


Recap of the Vloggies

Thumb_default Click to view, or download here.FYI, the list of winners in my video is not complete. I missed a number of great vloggers. Here's the complete list.

This is probably the only recap of the vloggies by someone who wasn't there ... ;) Thanks to the people who submitted footage for this (especially Greg), all work is duly attributed in the video.
Note: I have got to figure out a way to get a line into my camera for audio. You can barely hear me at times.

*Music from Ocean Alexander (one of my favs)

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Costume Parade With Serra Hirsch

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My crafty pal Serra Hirsch prepares her costume for this year's Halloween Parade here in NYC. She goes all out and I am all in.

The Marble Ceiling

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For the first time our nation's history, a woman will be Speaker Of The House. This is the first thing the President has to say about it?


Election Anger Day

This is the second part of my election day story. Normally I don't do first person vlogs but I had no other way to convey my story. Never say never.

I have a reduced faith in this process. I have no faith about electronic voting or with the vivid examples of Florida and Ohio in my mind. This does nothing to convince me that there is anything that acts as a check or balance to election mischief.

It makes it easy for extremist writers and pundits to accuse people of beating a dead horse. I tell you, this country and its people can continue to ignore segments of the population if they want to at their own risk.

Always room for one more on the stoop A place for the group mind and lost souls Out On The Stoop

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Get out and vote!

A vlog from inside the voting booth ... showing the moment. We teach you to make media so you can have a voice. Don't forget, voting is a citizen's way to have a voice. Get out there and vote. C'mon. It only took me half an hour to get through the line and mark all the boxes (did my research in advance), and that's in the state with the most propositions on the ballot. Go vote!

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