Tammy Camp at The Next Web 2011

Tammy Camp is an entrepreneur, a venture investor and an adventurer. Her blog covers her experiences and her range of interests.

This is her presentation at the The Next Web 2011 conference in Amsterdam. When you hear some fool say that women don't get or want to be a part of the technology community, show them this video.


Hilah Johnson - Vegetarian Lasagna

Hilah is the host of Hilah Cooking. Start with some whiskey, and a touch of attitude and you got seven minutes of coolness. It is a cooking show for newbies but that doesn't cut down on the punk meet Mad Men factor.

Now before you roll up your lip think about this. She and her partner are producing high quality videos. There is a web site/blog where they get to show what they can do. They have books for sale or to give away to gather a mailing lists.

Ring a ding, you have a smart forward thinking approach to permission selling to their community and providing a service that other people can and will talk about.

You should definitely go to her web site where you can download a copy of her book, The Breakfast Tacos Book and to check out her recipes. Or not. But do understand that there is a diversity in how women are using web video.

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