Shae and 5 Minutes of Printmaking

If you really have to spend money in order to enjoy the holidays then you could allocate some of your disposable income toward crafters. They literally take the time to make what you see.

This is a video of Shae working on a print project. She is carving out the image that will be transferred to paper. Be on the lookout for craft fairs in your area and don't bitch and moan about the cost.

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Kristin LaVanway On Real Estate Videoblogging

Women are incorporating video into their business practices. There is a real estate video. There are different facets of real estate videos from recording houses for sale, to get to know the agent or as a means of marketing.

As with anything there is hype and misinformation. This is a refreshing video from Kristin who talks about her experiences as a real estate videoblogger and what it takes to get your business going.

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Vlomo10 - Melbourne Day

This is a day of races but in Melbourne they mean horses.

This is a video from Kath with a little taste of Melbourne Day.

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Vlomo10 - A Garden Gal

Not as many ladies participating in VlogMo10 but we are here!

This is Kate Copsey at A Garden Gal and the day after the frost.

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How Art Shapes Culture - Thelma Godden

Maybe we are in the fix we are in culturally is because we are art deprived. We need a more expansive view of ourselves via art.

In this 2009 TED presentation Thelma Godden talks about the ways that art can be transformative for a community and how art can lead to the next level of cultural definition.

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