This is Where It's At (Beach Walk #364)

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Mighty J is a new all woman band forming in Hawaiʻi and I just love their energy! Their music is contemporary and their spirit is full of aloha. They have been prodicing a video podcast of their process and it is wonderful too.

This movie was originally posted on Beach Walks with Rox, Show #364.

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Musings From The Laundry Mat of Life - Imperfections

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I have been struggling to get this out of my head. I had my own perfection issues to deal with. Mainly I'm not doing this right or perfect. It finally came down to do it and be done with it.

This is what I have figured out so far and was able to make a small demonstration video of a very big issue. I think if more of us could get a handle of what is being transmitted to our heads and see our true selves we could increase the mental health of this nation by a factor or ten.

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The Ritual of the Annual Family Portrait

A wee meditation on the nature of identity that leads me to ask how much influence family ritual and mythology exerts upon us.

Lots. Lots and lots.

Originally published @ The Faux Press.

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Making Pasta

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This is my first time making pasta from scratch - it went so well that I think this might become my new "thing". Next time: Ravioli.