On the Streets of SF

On the Streets of SF

I tend to experience the darker side of San Francisco. On my walk to work I see the remnants of the activities from the night before.


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Clearly, when you want something done right, you have to do it yourself OR get your wife to do it. So we're clear, she did the basket, i did the handles and the vlog.

music is kid 606 "If i had a happy place this would be it"

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kityoke - sexual healing

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Okay, so I had had a beer or two...

Road Node 101::Breakfast With Lawyers::Podcast

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We spy on the other gender to learn what we may among them.
This video was originally shared on blip.tv by Jan of Sound with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license.

Vloggercon Bound!

I've been meaning to cross post this here and am just getting to it now. I'm so excited to meet all you women vloggers!! This is going to be great. The vlogging community has been so generous to us. I'm so very thankful!

Mom's Brag Vlog


Haircuts By Children - In Parkdale

This past weekend the art/life project by the Mammalian Diving Reflex folks (www.mammalian.ca) was in my neighbourhood. The kids involved are also from the neighbourhood and my hairdresser was one of the trainers.

I love this kind of community stuff.

Check out this article for an interview about the project:


Music: Bahiminy Kite by Caribou

Image credit: John Lauener


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Why I videoblog. Why I watch videoblogs. Why I believe videoblogging can be a powerful force for expanding our perception of communities and individuals and for breaking down stereotypes. It's way too long, I appologize. I talk too slow and too much. I am working on that. I had a lot on my mind.

The "White" Guy Mashup (Order of Appearance)
Richard BF: All White Guys, http://www.kashum.com
Paul Reynoldson: Why The World Laughs at America, http://paulreyno.blogspot.com
Steve Garfield: People Are Future, I Can't Open It http://stevegarfield.blogs.com/videoblog
Michael Verdi: The Yang of Videoblogging, http://michaelverdi.com
Markus Sandy: Elevator Pitch, http://apperceptive.blogspot.com
Jay Dedman: The Talking Head Argument, http://www.momentshowing.net/momentshowing
Jerry Verdi: Wishbone, http://jerryverdi.com
Daily Dancer: Always Look On The Bright Side, http://dailydancer.com
Paul J Knight: Why The World Laughs At America, http://pjkproductions.blogspot.com
Daniel Liss: Season's Greetings, http://mookievlog.blogspot.com
Schlomo Rabinowitz: Lets Go To WonderCon, http://schlomolog.blogspot.com
Andrew Schneider: Degrees of Harmonies, http://whetherman.blogspot.com
Dave Huth: Extraordinary Things 4, http://davemedia.blogspot.com

Link to my vlog site: "Becoming A Nurse"


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She can dance!

Some of you may know about this already but..
I have been working on a collaboration with Jenai Cutcher to make a film about women tap dancers. We have been blogging and vlogging about it all year here
From the beginning of my career as a vlogger, I had the idea that it could be used as a great tool for independent filmmakers to develop content while also generating excitement around the project.
It's working!
Here's the 3 min. promo video we made to help us generate funds to finish the film

from Mica


kityoke - 100 years

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I guess this is the month of karaoke songs with numbers... anyways, lots of little surprises in this one. How fast we grow.

the weather, she is a bit crazy

I had this whole speech planned today for a vlog about the woman i saw on the subway after i shot this who was giving a little "sermon on the public transit" to this crazy group of teenage girls who were FREAKING OUT about what this woman was saying...

but i ran out of juice before i could record it...
and all our batteries belong to remotes (i don't dare steal them)

So this will have to do until i can go get batteries cheap from work.

A small warning. The audio, she is not fantastic. So if you've got the volume on "9" go for "5"

Link to my vlog site

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Tits n' Ass::The Faux Press on Sex and Selling

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Made some time to spend with this new Vidilicious group and by god, you women rock.Made me think about what is uniquely feminine about the life that swirls around me.This post came to mind and with that, some forthcoming ideas about the fifth deca
This video was originally shared on blip.tv by Jan of Sound with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license.

Response to Sexism Conversation

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Greetings everyone. This is Jen from EbbAndFlow.tv My huband and I just posted our response to the conversation about sexism that happened within the vlogosphere.

Sexual Assult Statistics
The Beauty Business: Pots of promise
For information about women and sexual abuse, check out Angela Shelton's work. She's a filmmaker who has become a spokesperson for survivors.

Features the following material:
Photo via Untitled by Daniel Liss
Sexism in the Vlogosphere by Brittany Shoot
My Response by Paul Knight
Hostess Hotties
by Anne Walk
Follow up thoughts on the vlogosphere by Brittany Shoot
A Bronchial Reply… by Casey McKinnon
A Dinner Conversation by Ryanne Hodson & Jay Dedman
The Appearance Game by Roxanne Darling
To Prove A Point by Ryanne Hodson & Jay Dedman

Music: "Hidden" by Planck via ccmixter


I'm loving the visual poems that have popped up here recently. This is a short one I did for the first videoblogging week in 2005, and chosen as a sort of tangential response to Trine's post "Armonica, or something" My vlog

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Armonica, or Something

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My father-in-lew died on wednesday so I've not felt like vlogging, but Jan's poem inspired me to post this - it's old, from my friends' wedding in october, and today i just mashed it up with some messed up music by Ward which kinds sums up how i am feeling. ps, url in video is wrong. it would be wearericharddavid.com, not .org...



click here to download
I love the sound of my nephews laughter. They cracks me up.
No thinking required when viewing this video... actually thinking may hinder the experience.


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Ice Cream Rain

I love this poem and wanted to play with light and white balance.

This is whence Road Node 101::Vloggercon commences. In two days.

Realize I pretty much always stay packed and ready to rock and roll.


Walk Home

A poetic walk home... Common Courtesy

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Jury Duty

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I was able to experience the joy that is jury duty... again.

The Texas Ten Step, First Attempt

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Introducing my cute little camera, named Baby Blue. I know it's not actually baby blue; but it's a baby camera and it's blue. Enjoy learning about the Texas Ten Step Project. It's not what you think.


The Jumping Off Point

Okay so y'all have to be a little patient with me whilst i figure this out. Hopefully, if this works, you get my "vlog jumping off point video."

If not i don't know what you get...
which sort of goes against the whole
"what you see is what you get" thing i suppose.

I'm still figuring out what this will be.

Which is fine.

And kind of excellent actually.


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Motor Cycles


In this video, I am thinking about my role as a vlogger and as a community member. Is the act of watching/taping the act of participating? What am I participating in? I am thinking about mediation of experience or mediation as experience, control and motorcycles.

Anne Walk, No Practice

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I Got My Hair Did!

Crystal cracks me up. I couldn't pick just one video, they're all so freakin' brilliant. Here she keeps striking continuous poses for the camera. You should check out the rest of her vids. They're gold Jerry. Midnight Therapy with Crystal

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Intro and Thanks!

Hi all,

I am Trine, a Norwegian living in Rural England, where I (try to) balance being a mother to an energetic ex-premature toddler, with learning to drive, doing a PhD and teaching film and media theory to more or less sober undergraduates.

I blog and vlog at A Doll's House

My first Vidlicious video is a shout out to Ryanne for sending me a nice present...

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Joan Jaffe rehearses for a call-back audition and I got it on tape. I love her grace and lack of self-consciousness.

Pal George Grant of Planet Grey Recording Studios records the drum and guitar tracks of a song we're digitally producing together. The tune is "The Blues Theme from The World's Longest Open Love Letter" I been working on these last years. Expect the bass / percussion track in the next day or two. Will probably use it for background music on another video, so, I hope you like it well enough. Har.

My Vlog site is The Faux Press.

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Ebb and Flow: The Universal

Jen and Kent are two of my favorite vloggers, in addition to being two of my favorite real life people. This video, made for VideoBlogging Week, is a great reflection of their chemistry as well as a neat commentary on how media making brings us together.

Visit Jen and Kent at Ebb and Flow.

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Who Are You?

My favorite part of vlogging is being able to integrate text and music with images.

I do that in this video while having fun exploring various facial expressions.

Click Here for WHO ARE YOU.

My Website: College Wit

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The Arcade

Annie is one of the funnest, sweetest vloggers I know. Here she takes us along on an arcade trip with her and her friends. Good times!

Annie's site: Annieisms, is it?

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Women We Come From

Just thought I would re-post this old one of mine (now with better compression) that I made last year. I specifically made it as a tribute to mothers for Mothers Day, but it really applies to all women. Just a simple slide show of women in our family, and thought it appropriate to share here.

Original post from Mom's Brag Vlog

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Intro to Me

This is the first video I made that was more personal. Here I am. (currently I'm making mov video but at the time I was using wmv)
And here's my site: mbfreeforall

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Nikki Giovanni on Finding Time

Nikki Giovanni is one of my cultural icons. I look at her and wonder if I will be as outspoken or self-knowing when I cross over the 60+ year life line.This is Nikki's Answer on Finding Time To Do Everything.

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5/15/2006 Update - For the newbies, no matter how many times you do something the one time it counts you will make a boo-boo. It happens. Roll with it and keep making videos. Vlog On!


I am Mica. I have been using vlogs for the past two years
to help me develop ideas for art and film projects.
To say the very least, it's been amazing.
I am thrilled to see so many more women using these tools!
Here is one of my videos which I think you will enjoy.
It is about a magic pair of dancing shoes.
I hope it will inspire you to make a video about a special pair of shoes in your life.
Here's the link to my personal vlog

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Too Much Information

Too Much Information

I am new at this and Vidlicious is such a cool idea. I made this video to introduce myself and tell you a little about me. And yes... I know... the ending is rude, but my friend told me that if it was a true introduction to me I had to add that too. The video is a little dark... I need more light in my apartment.

I am looking forward to seeing what the other female vloggers are creating and I hope to learn from you all. I am a social worker, not a tech person so any feedback or tips are welcomed.


Life Unscripted

Irene and her co-producer Mike are producing a self-funded documentary series that highlights people from both of their neighborhoods. In this one, they interview a woman outside of a shelter for battered women. Imagine if you were to stop on the street and speak to a woman with a history of abuse in her family... it would sound a lot like this. Life Unscripted. Episode 1

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Trying out the new bike

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After Popop jerry-rigged the old seat onto her new bike, we decided to take it down to the park for a spin.

My Aunt Rosie

The strongest and probably most important woman in my life was my Aunt Rosie, who died recently. Here's what I said about her at her funeral.

(The funeral was amazing - you can see what everyone else said about her, plus a jazz burial and party in true New Orleans style, here.)


Feminazi Rant on Boobs Sex & Make UP

This is one of the first videos I made when I started vlogging.

It's my protest against men's emphasis on Boobs, Sex and Make Up.

While the observations in the video sort of ring true, the ridiculousness of the subject matter and the fact that I speak about a mile a minute lend this satire of feminism to humor.


Hattie McDaniel Gets A Stamp


click to watch the show

This is a video I posted to NYCreative celebrating the induction of the Hattie McDaniel Commemorative Stamp given by the United States Post Office back in January. Hattie McDaniel was the first African American to win an Academy Award for her role in the 1939 film, Gone With The Wind. To learn more about Ms. McDaniel and her contributions to the entertainment industry check out the original post.


Dance, Fight, Unite!

What better way to get this party started than posting one from the Super Secret Dance Society. You better reco'nize!

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What IS This Place?

One question that's been floating around for a time has been "where are all the female videobloggers?" Well, the best way to answer that question was to go searching. To my surprise, I found over 70 vlogs that are produced or co-produced by women. Pretty good. But then I felt there needed to be more...

So simply put, this is the start of a hopefully growing collective. This place is a culmination of all the effort, content, work, thoughts, ideas, creativity that female vloggers are recently producing. It's a show of support and solidarity between virtual sisters of all backgrounds. It's about encouraging, collaborating, link loving, learning - and all that good stuff. It's nothing too fancy, just a regularly updated list and featured vlogs... but who knows what it may grow into.

I hope you join in. And while you're here, grab a badge.