Kath on Relaxing and A Moment of Meditation

Videos don't have to be long dramatic explorations. Sometimes it can be one idea shared. This is Kath on her Day 2 contribution to Videoblogging Week 2010.

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Kom maar op! - Esther Schouls VBW 2010

I haven't a clue as to what this video is about. It seems it is in a church or religious setting. It looks like a bible camp activities. I run it through Google Translate and it comes up with:

A fun way to view photos of the Vacation Bible Week held at the Zion Church, Alphen aan den Rijn

The language is Dutch by the way. VBW = Vacation Bible Week. Duh! Not Videoblogging Week. Oh well, to save face this is a chance to take a peak at folks across the creek.

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Already Pretty Tutorial on Refashinging T-Shirts

I was reading Deb Roby's post on refashioning t-shirts. This somehow led me to Sally.

Sally McGraw at Already Pretty has a tutorial on how to recycle/re-purpose a t-shirt for a second life. The point is one you don't have to rush out to buy new stuff and two, not everyone is a videoblogger but many people are using video to educate, share what they know and have a bit of fun.

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National Poetry Month - Librarian Sara McLaughlin

It is National Poetry Month. What better time to share a video from librarian Sara McLaughlin who read a few selections from "Once I Ate A Pie." I found this video at "Plain Talk" the blog at the Des Moine Public Library.

If you like poetry and friends of the four legged persuasion then your inner or external child might enjoy this excerpt.

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