Distributed Ass Kicking

DAK is a SpinXpress group created with Jen Simmons so we keep our most difficult projects moving forward.

This one's for you, Jen.

What do you do for your friends to keep 'em going in the direction they most wish to go? How do we help one another to move forward in a world that tends toward entropy?


Springtime: New York

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There's nothing quite like that first weekend of beautiful weather that finally puts a New York winter to bed. Music: A Heart in New York by Art Garfunkel.


Open Source Feminism

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Penguin Day is a day-long workshop for nonprofit organizations to explore the range of issues and options inovlved in using Free and Open Source Software. Penguin Days happen in different locations several times a year and for the past three years, these meetings have taken place after the annual NTC: Nonprofit Technology Conference. Last Saturday, I attended my first one. Although I was pretty exhausted by Saturday, I learned a great deal.

I was curious to observe the gender balance at Penguin Day and while I'm not as meticulous as Christine in counting and calculating the number of women and men in the room, I took a quick video to get a reading. Very roughly, the percentages for Penguin Day look better than industry standards for both OS and commercial software. The video incorporates some slides from Angela Byron's excellent presentation, "Women in Floss" which also speaks to the dark side of gender issues in FOSS communities. The presentation offers some good pointers to women in how to get involved in FOSS communities.

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From 1000 Reasons to Cut Your Hair

A video poem on the joys of gender / health / political / sexual identity through hair. Music by the St. Andrews Pipes & Drums of Tampa Bay.

In response to Gena's earlier post here; Gena, of Out on the Stoop.

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Headbone Blues or A Bald Scalp Lament

Sometimes you have to stimulate yourself. Physically. Creatively. Emotionally. There are other times when things happen and you move forward.

I can't sing even carrying a reinforced bucket but it was the only way I could figure to express these sentiments. Bald is cool and more women should try it for a little while. Especially for the summer.

But for those that have no choice about hair loss for whatever reason I just wanted to give a little bit of a smile and a wink.

This music is from Ralph Woodin, the track is called Bent Sling Blues and you can find it on the Internet Archive.

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