Lumiere 3

Feel free to leave your own (sad) music running.

Come see some more lumieres I've done at shooting full force and check out the lumiere guidelines for more info.

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Pride Run 2007

Third time running.

It may in fact be that Brian Orser was not there.

But oh well.

Art and Eros in Los Angeles

It was like any gallery show. Some good, some base level art work and a couple of exceptional pieces. They had to be, they cost at least $4,500 and up.

The piece that I like the best was the white marble with the hips and thighs just like mine!

The images are of an explicit nature. Seriously explicit. If you have trouble with naked fruit of a human nature you aren't gonna like this. Absolutely not safe for work.

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Proof positive that I am SPOILED, SPOILED, SPOILED.

And, that I have a limited vocabulary.

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Universal in the particular

I always forget to cross post. Bah. Sorry about that. Here ya go ladies.

Made, at times, with my two favorite Jay videos in mind (Crazy Arms & Stutter Frames).

Parenthood, Kid Koala

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