A Cowtown Minute #2 - Mechanical Bullriding

I had one goal in my mind when I set off to Calgary, to ride a mechanical bull. Well, I am someone who goes for the brass ring - here is the proof. ** caught on tape at http://www.ranchmans.com/ **

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So every year I make my friend and co-artist Lindy a piece of weird art for her birthday. This year. Vlog art.

Link to my vlog site

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Trailer for Inside Out - Toronto's Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival

I made this for this year's festival. This will be on Showcase soon...crazy! Go to insideout.ca for program info - see you at the movies!

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Women :: Gatekeepers to Sex?

Trailer for a short from the Tribeca Film Festival on how things for women change, sometimes only with great courage.

Sadly, one step forward is often followed by three steps back.

Women have historically been the keepers of sexual morality, and have borne social and legal responsibility for men unable to keep their pants zipped.

"Cover yourself," has been an answer in some cultures, and if a woman fails to prevent male sexual aggression, she pays with her life.

What's with that?

It's time for men to take responsibility for their pressing sexuality.

[posted courtesy The Faux Press]

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