It Gets Better - Sera T

This video is from Sera T who speaks about being a bi-sexual transgirl, the difference between gender and orientation and being true to yourself.

Long after we forget the reasons for these videos it is important that we speak louder than the haters and fear mongers.

We can do better. This is a step in the right direction. For more information and videos visit the It Gets Better project channel on YouTube.

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It Gets Better - Alice

Alice is straight but got called names in school. Bullies don't care, their intention is to hurt another person.

This is her video reminder that it gets better.

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It Gets Better - Deb Adler

I want to do a cross section of the many videos being uploaded not by celebrities but by people who have life experiences and stories to tell. Some of them have had success and some folks have come up on the rough side of the mountain.

Either way they are still here to tell their stories. This is Deb's.

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It Gets Better - Michelle

This is one of the many videos being uploaded to the It Gets Better Channel. This is Michelle from New Jersey.

For more information visit the YouTube It Gets Better Project channel.

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