Margaret Fabrizio and How She Vlogs

September 12,2010 Correctional Update:

I made a major boo-boo. This isn't Brook Hinton, this is Margaret Fabrizio. Brook explains how I got confused in the comments. My apologies to both of them but none the less, if you are 80 years or younger pick up a camera and declare yourself.

Anyway this still is a grand video. It shouldn't matter one bit how old Margaret is and I will continue to point to her as a pathfinder. It will make my efforts to get the 50 to 70 year old people off their butts and get to work a bit easier.

Those under 40 I'm not going to show much mercy. I want you to create.

This is an exploration of creativity, of personal history used as a story narrative that the abundance we all have to transport ourselves into a bit of the future. Do it. It is possible.

If you would like to check out Brook Hinton's work visit the web site and dive in.

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2 Artists and Growing Window Farms.org

You can talk about how bad things are. If you have a lick of sense you can decide that finding answers is a whole lot more productive. Working with others to find a wide range of answers is even better.

Britta Riley and Rebecca Bray are artists who saw that there are better options that damning people to hell. Like maybe combining recycling and giving people the ability to grow their own food?

Here are more details about the project:

For more information about the project and how to get started visit Windowfarms.org

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