Hound Dog Serenade

I could go into a list of excuses for why I've fallen off the vlogging wagon - or I could just post something... When you've been writing code and trying to figure out IIS servers for way too many hours, it's nice to take a break. My lady love made oatmeal cookies, I helped for a bit and then decided to serenade her, Hopey helped.


The Art of Foodblogging - A Discussion of Ethics

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This is a clip of a discussion that took place at BlogHer 2007 about the ethics of foodblogging, how some folks need an ethical reality check on their actions; how hard it is to earn a living being a chef and how bloggers can help or hurt a tough situation.

Sitting on the steps of life when I'm not running all over the joint Gena's Out On the Stoop

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My First Emmy?

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Current TV received an Emmy Award Sunday night for outstanding achievement in interactive television. But whose achievement is it really?