Stanley's Heart

I suppose, if you're looking for it, you can find a little emotional intensity wherever you look.

Like even in the cold green eyes of your 9 year old black cat
and his would-be/could-be lover...

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Conversations - Bekka at VloggerCon

“One cannot consent to creep when one has an impulse to soar.”
Helen Keller

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She came with laughter and unexpected adventures. In this video she talks about how vlogging has changed her world view. Step on over to http://missbhavens.blogspot.com

More stuff: Out On The Stoop

Conversations - Becca at VloggerCon

“Knowledge is the prime need of the hour.” Mary McLeod Bethune

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There is more to Hawaii than “Five-O” and “Book-um Danno, murder one.” Becca's vlog contains the real deal on living in the 50th state. http://beccavlog.blogspot.com

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Conversations - Bev at VloggerCon

“We seek not rest but transformation. We are dancing through each other as doorways.” Marge Piercy

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Every day there is a post, either text or video. She is a mature woman operating in a new medium. Visit her site at http://funnytheblog.blogspot.com

More stuff: visit Gena at http://outonthestoop.blogspot.com


Conversations - Cassie at VloggerCon

"Ritual is the way we carry the presence of the sacred. Ritual is the spark that must not go out." Christina Baldwin

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Cassie has a text blog but is thinking about making the plunge into vlogging. This is my conversation with Cassie, a new vlogger.

More stuff: visit Gena at http://outonthestoop.blogspot.com

Conversations - Maureen at VloggerCon

“Act boldly and unseen forces will come to your aid.” Dorothea Brande

Maureen is generally know as “Richard's wife”, but she is a co-creator/conspirator in her own right.

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Funny, gracious and many times a prime instigator of what is seen on the screen. This is a quick insight on how “The Richard Show” comes together.

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Conversations - Travel-Cast Vlog

“I don't wait for moods. You accomplish nothing if you do that. Your mind must know it has got to get down to earth.” Pearl S. Buck

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This woman has a travel-cast and a great response to the question about is there a difference between those that do film and those that vlog. Hint: the secret word is “documentation”.

More stuff: visit Gena at http://outonthestoop.blogspot.com

How Kaleb Turned 29...

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WARNING - Do not watch this if road rash and stitched and stories about stiches gross you out!

This is my best friend and roomate Kaleb. You might remember Kaleb from other vlog posts I have made.

ANyway. Kaleb had a very exciting Toronto Pride 2006 - he sure knows how to go out with a bang...

To top it all off, it was his 29th birthday.



I realized after i recorded that i used the word "gay" like a million times in this, which is odd.

But there it is.

A small rant directed at a local tv personality but making, i hope, a larger point. or two.

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Our Thoughts on "An Inconvenient Truth"

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We went to go see Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" documentary about Global Warming, and here are our thoughts both before and after seeing the film. The film does an amazing job of explaining how human behavior is indeed having an impact on our climate.

Roger Ebert says, "In 39 years, I have never written these words in a movie review, but here they are: You owe it to yourself to see this film. If you do not, and you have grandchildren, you should explain to them why you decided not to."

Includes Video Clips From:
An Inconvenient Truth Trailers
Competitive Enterprise Institute (i.e. Oil Industry Propaganda)

Being There
by Planck via ccMixter

White Balloon 26
by teru via ccMixter

Toshi Reagon in Toronto

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Toronto Pride 2006 - Toshi Reagon - for more info on Toshi go to www.toshireagon.com.

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

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Kaleb's performance at Toronto Pride 2006 at the "Insert Pronoun Here" show rocked the house! If you remember that fabulous 80's movie, you'll get a thrill from this genderqueered interpretation.

Stumbling Onto the Preparations...

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Just happened on this while on the way to breakfast. What I find amazing is how quickly all the churchy buzz words, like chalice and holy spirit - come back to me when I start talking with old ladies. I'm such a good kid at heart, even though I try to be a cynic about religion.

A Hound Dog Interlude

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It's been a while since the last dog-centric post. Here's what Hopey's end of day is like.


Conversations - Anne at VloggerCon

“If you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people.” Virginia Woolf

Anne has a a great personality that lights up a bathroom (check the video for context.) Visit her blog at http://nopractice.blogspot.com

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Gena's vlog http://outonthestoop.blogspot.com

Conversations - Catherine at VloggerCon

“You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try.”
Beverly Sills

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Catherine is just starting out vlogging but I can see that she has a sense of humor and lives in a beautiful part of the country. This is encouraging because we need vloggers from the South and sections of the country that are not heard from in the mainstream media.

Gena's vlog http://outonthestoop.blogspot.com

Pride Run

See: me in a tank top, me sweaty, me in motion, my friends who were also these things with me, a little competition and competitive spirit never hurt anyone. Also introducing...stayuso-days.blogspot.com

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Conversations - Women of VloggerCon

This is the first of my conversations with some of the women who attended VloggerCon. Talk about your journey into the unknown. I have a lot to share but first let the uploading begin!

“My favorite thing is to go where I've never gone before.”
Photographer Diane Arbus

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Lecia is a software engineer who knows a thing or two about compression, wireless networks and making a bridge between science and art. She came to find out about new technologies.


Now Wait Half a Second...

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This is a We Are The Media challenge. Enjoy!

Back when I was a cook....

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This t.v. special aired almost 3 years ago - and every so often someone will tell me that they saw me on t.v. I had never seen this segment, and then the other day when someone said they'd seen it, I though "Enough is enough, I need to see that segment". I called up Rogers Television and they sent me a copy. It was that easy. But watching the clip brought back a lot of memories of a job that really pushed me into a dark place I hope I never visit again - a place of total and complete burn-out. To this day I have difficulty walking by this restaurant (it's 6 blocks from my house) without a little cringing when I remember how stressed out I was the whole time I worked for them. Anyway. That's what this is about.


I have spent several years online, exploring ways in which the body can be effected through mediated means. One of the things i've been exploring is Hypnotism.

I've had two previous sessions with T. - a man who claims to be an online erotic hypnotist. During those sessions, I have felt relaxed (much like meditation) but have not been able to take it further.

My third attempt was last night.

Anne Walk - No Practice

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Bike-in Theater

Bike-in Theater

click here to download

Every other Wednesday throughout the summer, PATV in Iowa City, IA transforms into Bike-in Theater, a bike-friendly outdoor venue for bizarre, underground, and obscure films. This video comes from this summer's opening night, featuring a marathon of old-school movie trailers.

From Nanoramas

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5 New Toronto Vloggers!

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Tonight I taught the "Videoblogging for Beginners" workshop for the 3rd time and it was a great success. The folks in the class really picked up quickly and were all very excited to go home and work with their new knowledge. This clip has terrible lighting, but please overlook that and meet Deejay - a taxi driver and video artist who's new vlog You See What I See? will hopefully help his friends and family in Nigeria see his videos.

Also in the class were:

Vanessa - a technician at the LIFT co-op who sat in on the class and who's new vlog is Enter Tech Woman

Chad - who works across the hall in the building at Vision TV and is interested in doing a personal site at ruby red rimon

Gina - a teacher who wants to post primarily for friends and family at YYZ

Chris - a recent Trebas institue graduate who's excited to post parody and animations at his new vlog Cow Tipping 101

I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of this third workshop. Since having just been at Vloggercon 06, I felt like this workshop was more holistic and I was able to really get into vlog theory with this group whereas before I was more confident in sharing technical tips and tricks. If you get a chance, say hi to the new kids on the vlock.

I've finally been remixed!

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Thanks to Rob Parrish at Hopper Video I am finally part of a remix with Chuck Olsen from Minnesota Stories.

Awesome! I love it!




not little gay girls (work in progress)

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This is my 2 minute video for a show this Friday night - see here: Twenty Two Minute Performances RM asked me and Kaleb to do something, and I've been mulling over my feelings about gay marriage/gay weddings for quite a while now. I have several gay married friends who I car about deeply, but I also have a really strong distaste for marriage and trying to balance the two has been difficult. So here's where I'm starting - I'll try to work this into a larger piece at some point in the near future. WARNING - This file is 30 MB so it will take a little while to download! sources: (audio) The L Word and (video) Superman cartoon from the Internet Archive.


Alysse Heartwell: SF Oil Awareness

from ryanedit.com

We were able to speak with Allyse Heartwell from The SF Oil Awareness Group about Peak Oil and what San Franciscan's are doing about it. Jay and I have been researching a lot about Bio-diesel and have too realized that there are no magic answers to the peak oil problem. Conservation is the key. Thanks Allyse!

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No Need To Fear Or Hope

Hi all,

Hope those fo you who went to vloggercon had a blast (I see come did! :)!!) - I've moved "house" and changed my things around a bit, a doll's house is gone and instead I have The Film Of Tomorrow. Please come visit. It'll probably be a bit heavier than before and, hopefully, a lot more interesting... (Zadi, any help getting my link changed on the sidebar?)

To mark my move, here's a Deleuze-inspired video I did today...

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an experiment with words, sounds and images... the words are taken from "Postscript on the Societies of Control" by Gilles Deleuze [thanks David]


Vloggercon 2006 - Second Post - About Walking and Talking

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This is a response to a comment I read on Michael Verdi's post on innovative vlogging.  Someone posted:


  1. Jimmy CraicHead @ Demand Condom said on 4 Jun 2006 at 8:46 pm:

    My choice for the only exciting video podcast, vlog, whatever would be http://www.secretpants.net/
    I found it on Firefox searching for something that wasn’t so self absorbed as the usual citizen jester holding a camera at arms length from his face, or watching someones feet walk along a path. It may be a bit for some but never boring. Vlogging should not be an iCam on someome who is basically reading a text blog. Give it an edge!

I'm interested in the discussion of what's innovative in vlogging without the need to categorize or put down various forms of expression.  I would like to see our community steer clear of loaded language like "talent" and "quality".


Thanks to the folks who helped me get to San Francisco for VLoggercon 2006 - it was a mind-expanding trip.



Vloggercon 2006 - First Post

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This is the first of many posts to come on my Vloggercon '06 trip. 


I had an incredible time - and as soon as the Pride Week crunch is over, I hope to have more time to start working on all my new vlog ideas.


Thanks to all the folks who helped me get to SF for the conference!





Response to the Rebel Sell (and missintensity)

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This is my response to missintensity's post about the Rebel Sell by Joseph Heath and Andrew Potter.


Vloggercon 2006 posts to come soon.


Turning Liabilities into Assets

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Starting a conversation about becoming invisible with age.
This video was originally shared on blip.tv by Jan of Sound with a No license (All rights reserved) license.

homo untruths on various media

It's 8:30 am and here i am, sitting in my make-shift cultural corner, talking about what i only now realize is a lot of gay fiction. Strange. Clearly i, myself, am so gay i don't even notice the gayness around me.

Incidentally i am so sad not to be seeing any of you at VLOGGERCON. next year i swear i will be there!

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Jet Set Show!

jet set show

Hopefully we all know how much Zadi Diaz rules. Now, there's even more proof how much she does because she's one of the creators and the hostess of theJet Set Show. It's a lot of fun. FUN, I tell ya! If you haven't checked out the first two episodes yet, get over there and do so now. Right.now!

Just another reason I'm bummed I'm not going to Vloggercon, because I'm missing a chance to meet all of you really cool folks.

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