Happy Blink Year

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In 2006, we started video blogging, which has only re-confirmed just how fast life roles by. It really is just a few blinks and some blurs. But now with these video pancakes, we at least have a rewind button. Happy Blink Year everybody!


Oyster farming, Drake's Bay

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Kevin Lunny, owner of Drake's Bay Family Farms on the Point Reyes National Seashore in Marin County, California, discusses the sustainable practice of oyster farming. Read more about Lunny and the controversy surrounding the National Park Service's attempts to shut down the farm at Nanoramas.

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facts of life

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This one's for all the mummy v/bloggers out there who have ever stuggled with potty training. The fact that my daughter have vocabulary enough to talk about this probably says enough about how long we've been struggling to get her to do a "number 2" in the toilet. Someone mentioned personal media? It doens't get more personal than this... My daughter will most definitely hate me in 12 years time when she finds out I published this for the world to see, but never mind...


Recap of the Vloggies

Thumb_default Click to view, or download here.FYI, the list of winners in my video is not complete. I missed a number of great vloggers. Here's the complete list.

This is probably the only recap of the vloggies by someone who wasn't there ... ;) Thanks to the people who submitted footage for this (especially Greg), all work is duly attributed in the video.
Note: I have got to figure out a way to get a line into my camera for audio. You can barely hear me at times.

*Music from Ocean Alexander (one of my favs)

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Costume Parade With Serra Hirsch

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My crafty pal Serra Hirsch prepares her costume for this year's Halloween Parade here in NYC. She goes all out and I am all in.

The Marble Ceiling

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For the first time our nation's history, a woman will be Speaker Of The House. This is the first thing the President has to say about it?


Election Anger Day

This is the second part of my election day story. Normally I don't do first person vlogs but I had no other way to convey my story. Never say never.

I have a reduced faith in this process. I have no faith about electronic voting or with the vivid examples of Florida and Ohio in my mind. This does nothing to convince me that there is anything that acts as a check or balance to election mischief.

It makes it easy for extremist writers and pundits to accuse people of beating a dead horse. I tell you, this country and its people can continue to ignore segments of the population if they want to at their own risk.

Always room for one more on the stoop A place for the group mind and lost souls Out On The Stoop

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Get out and vote!

A vlog from inside the voting booth ... showing the moment. We teach you to make media so you can have a voice. Don't forget, voting is a citizen's way to have a voice. Get out there and vote. C'mon. It only took me half an hour to get through the line and mark all the boxes (did my research in advance), and that's in the state with the most propositions on the ballot. Go vote!

hummingcrow.com: one squall voice

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cultural logic

been reading frederic jameson. Jerome told me i was 5 years out of date, but i still found something useful there.

the computer kept crashing, so i couldn't edit the sound very well, and you can't really hear anything, but if I don't post this now, it'll never get done. no time no time. been speedvlogging, or whatever Raymond calls it, i suppose.


as a conscientious phd student, here's the full quote:

"Now reference and reality disappear altogether, and even meaning - the signified - is problematized. We are left with that pure and random play of signifiers that we call postmodernism, which no longer produces monumental works of the modernist type but ceaselessly reshuffles the fragments of preexistent texts, the building blocks of older cultural and social production, in some new and heightened bricolage: metabooks which cannibalize other books, metatexts which collate bits of other texts - such is the logic of postmodernism in general, which finds one of its strongest and most original, authentic forms in the new art of experimental video." Frederic Jameson, Postmodernism, Or, The Cultural Logic Of Late Capitalism, p. 96

Homemade sound.


Sisters of the corn

My sister and I face the horrors of a haunted Iowa corn maze. From her new vlog site, Sticks and Stones. Talk about screaming like little girls. Be prepared to cover your ears! Cross-posted at Nanoramas

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Eliza Karagezian Talks About Domestic Abuse

In this video, Eliza Kargezian talks about the problems of gettng women to report domestic violence and how the problems double with immigrant and undocumented women.

She talks about how the conversation on stopping domestic violence needs to be shared between women and men and gives an insight as to some of the cultural reasons Armenian women are most reluctant to report abuse. It is just me pointing the camera and letting the other person tell her story.

To get you up to speed on some of the issues immigrant and undocumented women face check out the following: Assista http://www.asistaonline.org and Non-Citizen Survivors of Domestic Violence

Always room for one more on the stoop: Out On The Stoop

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Tribute to the Folks' 50th Anniversary

Scanned every photo album I could get my hands on and cut the images together to tunes my parents love. Here's a little 2-D walk through their lives.

The project was my first attempt to use iMovie. It took forever to do. Mostly because I wanted it to be perfect. It's not. Despite my best efforts.

The pipe music is that of the City of Washington Pipe Band, friends of the family.

My parents and grandparents are deeply part of who I am. The better I know them, the better I know myself.

Charlie Glendinning is part of the band and is one of only a few human beings writing contemporary music for the bagpipe. The COW Pipe Band is tight and plays some of Charlie's work on this fine CD titled Scottish Rant

This video was originally shared on blip.tv by Jan of Sound with a Creative Commons Attribution license.

3:45 Lakeside bus

I love riding the bus. The rhythms, the personalities, the mix of sounds, the sense that this is one neverending circle. The Lakeside is especially good.
From Nanoramas

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The Gatorade? Commercial - Michfest 2006

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This was shot near the end of long crew (the 100 or so who work over a month on the festival crew) - this is a moment of inspirational improvisation...or an example of what can happen when you are deprived of t.v. for a month.

Not Touching...

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Joey and Dawn are dancing queens.

'nuff said.

The Marshmallow Eating Contest - Michfest 2006

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On the second last night of long crew we have a bonfire where we burn up all the scraps and crap that's left...a bag of marshmallows is just asking to be crammed into as many faces as possible. I got 13 in, Chicken couldn't beat me but Charles gave me a run for my money.

Next year I'm bringing the kingsize bag.


Flying Rats of San Francisco

Flying Rats of San Francisco

I have to be honest... my reaction was to grab my camera out of my bag rather than help the pigeon. Good thing there were so many social workers around. I will get my good karma helping the kids... I will let my co-workers help the pigeons. I am not a big fan of pigeons. They like to poop on me... I avoid them.



Olivia Thinking Out Loud About Domestic Violence

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Olivia Rodriguez placed very interestng questions in my head.

What would I say to a young teenage girl who is being battered by her boyfriend?
Where did he learn it?
Why is this okay in 2006?
What would you say or do?

For more information: National Domestic Violence Hotline http://www.ndvh.org
1-800-799-SAFE (7233) and TDD number for the hearing impaired is 1-800-787-3224

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Gena's Out On The Stoop http://outonthestoop.blogspot.com


Matching Tattoos - Post-Mich 2006

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Joey and I get our matching tattoos at the end of August. A tribute to the crew we both work on at the michigan womyn's music festival.


After an absence

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I love you Scotty.? And thank you, Nathan, for driving me to make this post.? Hopefully I'll make some more soon.

Smackem Yackem

A short video made for Iowa City Microcinema’s 24-Hour Video Race this past weekend, featuring a little beatboxing bubblegum. You can guess what the required “mystery prop” was. Co-created with Aaron Valdez of Aaron Valdez Film and Video and Valdezatron Industries. From Nanoramas.

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Na Wahine O Ke Kai Part 1

This is the world championship of long distance outrigger canoe racing. 41 miles across open ocean (some of the deepest waters on earth), from the island of Molokai to Duke Kahanamoku Beach on Oahu. Women fought for 20 years to be allowed to use the canoes for this race that was initially exclusive to men. These canoes are based on the traditional canoes that travelers from Polynesia used to discover the islands of Hawaiʻi.

Please also check out Mindy Clark's videos from the entire race weekend. Mindy has done the race 24 times (and won 10 times!) and is videoblogging the race this year.

Beach Walks with Rox (Part 2 will be posted late on 9/25/06.)

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fall in phoenix

Today is the first day of Fall. The weather is definitely starting to cool down, and it’s wonderful. Join me on my porch in Phoenix, and check out the first signs of the new season.

Besides Vidlicious, this is my first vlog collaboration (instigated by Ted on the Yahoo videoblogging group).

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What If Everyone Did What They Loved?

Marian worked in the Family Court system for over 20 years and had not realized the toll it was taking on her. She made a complete career change, and is now a self-taught, woman wood worker.
This is show # 209 from Beach Walks with Rox

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Art & Healing

Healing from childhood trauma is a lifelong process never finished.

Don't think most mental health professionals have a clue.

I'm healing through art and performance.

How about you?

Posting this scares the tar out of me.

Posted by The Faux Press

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Racoon in a Garbage Bin - Michfest 2006

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So I love racoons, you may already know this about me, and one morning I found this little baby in the garbage bin. This happens rarely - but when it does, you can bet I'm running for the camera. I love how it growls!

Immediately after shooting this, we tipped the barrel and let him run off into the woods.

Dancing in the Kitchen - MIch 2006

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Here's a little snippet of our summer fun in the worker's kitchen at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival. We get to make great food, listen to danceable music and play with each other all day!

This footage was shot by my pal H.P. a fellow kitchen worker.


Self portrait in two dimensions

Self Portrait in Two Dimensions

click here to download

My first foray into rotoscoping. For more information, including links to different stages in the making of this video, visit my website, Nanoramas.

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(unused) intro for ze frank

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OK, so I made this video intro for ze frank's show. He didn't use it, but he liked it. I like that there's a place where wealthy, impatient people in gas guzzling hummers have to stop and let little duckies cross the road.

Read more here: www.hummingcrow.com

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Sexy, funny ladies

This is a clip from a video series I am working on for The PAN about contemporary burlesque performers. This video features two very fabulous ladies, Clams Casino and Little Brooklyn.
Hope you enjoy.. there's more to come
Mica - http://www.micawave.tv

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Cyanotype Sun Print

Creating a cyanotype sun print at Puhino Pa on the North Island of New Zealand. Read more here: www.hummingcrow.com

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THis is sadder sounding than i wanted it to be...maybe it's the "Metric"...

Sorry it's been so long

Sorry it's been so long folks. What can i say? I got married and had a full time retail job. AND blip.tv was not really liking me there for a while.

But here is some earlier stuff...

more to come.

Link to my vlog site


This Strange Relationship

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One of the many fabulous performances at this summer's Gals Salon.

Still more to come from this summer - including marshmallow eating contests, spelling bees and other crazy hijinks.

For more Toshi - check out Toshi Reagon's Homepage


Marilyn in Toronto - Starring Joey Stevenson

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Well, I'm back from my month in the woods. Joey came to Toronto again and we walked about 10Km in one day then went and got tattoos... I'm not sure how to even begin to share my clips and stories from the summer. It might all come out in a jumbled pile... and school starts next week. Bear with me. lukas


Where I Come From

Where I Come From

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My uncle recently held the now-annual reunion of the Lee family, my mom's side of the clan, at his lavish property near Sacramento, CA. My mom is the one girl of seven kids, and of my 15+ cousins, only six of us are women. Nonetheless, spending a weekend among relatives makes me realize: no matter how far away or how different my lifestyle may be from my extended family, they're who I am, and I've got a whole lot of Lee blood running through my veins. From Nanoramas.

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Weaving Flowers with Flax

Permalink to "Weaving Flowers with Flax"

This video depicts a weaving tutorial given by two Maori women to a study abroad group focusing on indigenous cultures. You can read more about it at hummingcrow: one squall voice.

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The Bathroom Water Torture

The Bathroom Water Torture

Living in San Francisco ghetto


I haven't been working on my vlog much because I have been busy with the vlog that I made for my nephews. I am the coolest auntie ever! Check it out: TeamHobart

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Wahine Paddlers

Click the image to play the video.

I'll be following the progress of a group of women (most are military wives, some with husbands in Iraq) as they prepare the last several weeks before the 41 mile ocean crossing race, Na Wahine O Ke Kai. Please join us at Beach Walks with Rox - sometimes serious, sometimes frivolous, always Aloha!

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NODE101 Weekend 2006 in Phoenix

Here is video from the launch of NODE101::PHOENIX on August 12 during NODE101 Weekend 2006. Big thanks to Copper Star Coffee for allowing us to use their space and wifi.

Be sure to check out Wendy's new vlog and leave a comment! Also, visit NODE101::PHOENIX.

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stretching before and after

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My PhD supervisor, Caroline Bassett, wrote this in a paper published in Filozofski vestnik in 2002. She argues that "narrative provides a means by which to explore information technology and subjectivity" and calls for a "consideration of the subject as a narratable self, as someone who stretches before and after the moments of her technological interpellation, but who is also changed by it, is useful in conceptualising this subject." I also found it a really beautiful piece of writing, which I have (hopefully not to her disapproval) cut and pasted into my own narrative.

from the film of tomorrow


Fat Femme Mafia - Toronto Pride 2006

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I'm leaving to go live in the woods for a month. No Computer, no keys, no wallet...just woodchipped paths through the forest, women working hard and a lot of fun with good friends. I'll be getting lots of video footage this year since I picked up a 1GB card the other day so I could shoot up to 60 mins of video and then dump to my iPod and shoot more...well - anyway, until I'm back with my michigan stories, I leave you with the Fat Femme Mafia's amazing dance routine from Toronto Pride 2006. Back on August 22nd.


I finally figured out a way to do a little "my life at work" without showing any faces (re confidentiality, etc, etc).

There is some nudity in this, so beware.

It's not real mind you, butt it's there.

Link to my vlog site

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Sketch - Do Something with a Blundstone Fundraiser

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Christina Zeidler invited me to check out this really excellent event that Sketch is organizing. This is their third year doing this - Blundstone donates boots and artists are recruited to decorate them - an auction is held in October where boots are sold off to the highest bidder and the proceeds go to Sketch.

I have to say that when I walked into Sketch for the first time, I was so impressed by how vibrant and energetic the space was. Tons of folks making all kinds of different art. They have silkscreening, woodshop, photography and video as well as more traditional mediums like painting. You can go to their website for more information.

Support Sketch - make a donation of time, art supplies or anything else on this list

music: "keys" by dj_h - ccmixter

Watch Beach Walks with Rox #109

I met Jen of ebbandflow.tv online through the videoblogging community and finally got to meet her in person in San Francisco, the day we filmed this show. It is about balancing inner peace with outer action.


Beach Walks with Rox
Spreading Aloha, one download at a time with a new vlog every day.

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Sleep My Love

I can't stop watching him. I can't stop watching. I can't stop.

Anne Walk
No Practice

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