This Strange Relationship

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One of the many fabulous performances at this summer's Gals Salon.

Still more to come from this summer - including marshmallow eating contests, spelling bees and other crazy hijinks.

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Marilyn in Toronto - Starring Joey Stevenson

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Well, I'm back from my month in the woods. Joey came to Toronto again and we walked about 10Km in one day then went and got tattoos... I'm not sure how to even begin to share my clips and stories from the summer. It might all come out in a jumbled pile... and school starts next week. Bear with me. lukas


Where I Come From

Where I Come From

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My uncle recently held the now-annual reunion of the Lee family, my mom's side of the clan, at his lavish property near Sacramento, CA. My mom is the one girl of seven kids, and of my 15+ cousins, only six of us are women. Nonetheless, spending a weekend among relatives makes me realize: no matter how far away or how different my lifestyle may be from my extended family, they're who I am, and I've got a whole lot of Lee blood running through my veins. From Nanoramas.

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Weaving Flowers with Flax

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This video depicts a weaving tutorial given by two Maori women to a study abroad group focusing on indigenous cultures. You can read more about it at hummingcrow: one squall voice.

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The Bathroom Water Torture

The Bathroom Water Torture

Living in San Francisco ghetto


I haven't been working on my vlog much because I have been busy with the vlog that I made for my nephews. I am the coolest auntie ever! Check it out: TeamHobart

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Wahine Paddlers

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I'll be following the progress of a group of women (most are military wives, some with husbands in Iraq) as they prepare the last several weeks before the 41 mile ocean crossing race, Na Wahine O Ke Kai. Please join us at Beach Walks with Rox - sometimes serious, sometimes frivolous, always Aloha!

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NODE101 Weekend 2006 in Phoenix

Here is video from the launch of NODE101::PHOENIX on August 12 during NODE101 Weekend 2006. Big thanks to Copper Star Coffee for allowing us to use their space and wifi.

Be sure to check out Wendy's new vlog and leave a comment! Also, visit NODE101::PHOENIX.

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stretching before and after

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My PhD supervisor, Caroline Bassett, wrote this in a paper published in Filozofski vestnik in 2002. She argues that "narrative provides a means by which to explore information technology and subjectivity" and calls for a "consideration of the subject as a narratable self, as someone who stretches before and after the moments of her technological interpellation, but who is also changed by it, is useful in conceptualising this subject." I also found it a really beautiful piece of writing, which I have (hopefully not to her disapproval) cut and pasted into my own narrative.

from the film of tomorrow