Camcorder Buying Tips Part 2 - Videoblogging Week

This is the rest of part two of the camcorders. I wish it was better but part of doing Videoblogging week is to get it out their. Don't polish and the chrome; just tell your story. Still trying to recognize that face in the video because it doesn't look like the one in the mirror in the mornings.

Acceptance it hard work when you have to face the reality of yourself. It could be worse. But I want to return to the shadows when this is over.

Old and new friend are starting to re-appear. We have been lurking in the shadows resting up and it is like homecoming.

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Letting Ideas Find You - Quick Tips for Busy Women

Sometimes an idea will walk up to me and stick like static. I had to do three things at once today. This idea was waiting for me to see it. This is number two in a series of posts to help women get started in web video or videoblogging.

I'm on mission and never mind I violated my self-imposed rule of no more than five minutes yakking time. I'll see what I can do in the edit but I feel good about this post.

I hate doing Talking Head videos, by the way. Reminds me of too many things to recount, like grammar school flashbacks. Anyway, two videos down, five to go!

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Web Video - Planning Tips for Busy Women

April 5th is the start of Videoblogging Week when real people who have something to say, show and share post videos for seven days. I want to do seven videos tips on how to create web videos. This is the first one on planning your video.

I would happy if every woman I knew did one video saying who they are and what they want out of life appeared on a blog. Or whatever they wanted to show or share; I think. I know some radical dames so let me think about that one.

F**k those that don't want to hear us talk.(I don't mean that in a pleasurable way either.) We got to tell our stories anyway. So this is my small attempt at paying forward for all the good stuff videoblogging has brought my way.

This is also posted at my blog Out On The Stoop

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