Headbone Blues or A Bald Scalp Lament

Sometimes you have to stimulate yourself. Physically. Creatively. Emotionally. There are other times when things happen and you move forward.

I can't sing even carrying a reinforced bucket but it was the only way I could figure to express these sentiments. Bald is cool and more women should try it for a little while. Especially for the summer.

But for those that have no choice about hair loss for whatever reason I just wanted to give a little bit of a smile and a wink.

This music is from Ralph Woodin, the track is called Bent Sling Blues and you can find it on the Internet Archive.

Out On The Stoop

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  1. I LOVE this! Making a video response to post. The issue of hair and gender / health / political identity is HUGE. Thanks for this.

  2. i love it! i shaved my head about 5 years ago, i'd always wanted to and always had boyfriends telling me not to. luckily for david, he didn't object (we are now married :))

  3. That was incredibly badass!