From 1000 Reasons to Cut Your Hair

A video poem on the joys of gender / health / political / sexual identity through hair. Music by the St. Andrews Pipes & Drums of Tampa Bay.

In response to Gena's earlier post here; Gena, of Out on the Stoop.

[From The Faux Press]


  1. wonderful!

    you know, i cut my hair yesterday!

  2. So many reasons to cut your hair, but anyway I like long hair more. Long hair looks so beautiful! Especially if it is strong and thick.

  3. And when you have long hair, you can make a lot of different hairstyles. It changes your image like cloth. You can quickly cut your hair, but then you need a lot of time to grow it back.

  4. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Okay, so my hair is long, thick and red. I LOVE my hair long but I would LOVE my hair cut to my shoulders.I don't have time to fix my hair that much. But I am really scared, my hair grows VERY fast. So what should I do? Cut my hair just alittle bit longer than my shoulders, or leave it long?