Life Unscripted

Irene and her co-producer Mike are producing a self-funded documentary series that highlights people from both of their neighborhoods. In this one, they interview a woman outside of a shelter for battered women. Imagine if you were to stop on the street and speak to a woman with a history of abuse in her family... it would sound a lot like this. Life Unscripted. Episode 1

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  1. great video. She reminds me of so many of the kids that I work with. I wish it was as easy as just picking up and relocating for her, but it isn't. She has been delt a tough hand in life, but she is a survivor to have made it this far.

  2. What a hell of an interview. The heartbreaking fact is that this woman's tale is repeated all across the country. Over and over and over.

    This was a terrific eye-opening video...so many people (like this woman's family) just don't see how this cycle perpetuates itself.

  3. This is stunning. Thanks for posting it.

  4. This is a heartbreaking problem. Universal. Thanks for reminding me to think and act about it.