Intro and Thanks!

Hi all,

I am Trine, a Norwegian living in Rural England, where I (try to) balance being a mother to an energetic ex-premature toddler, with learning to drive, doing a PhD and teaching film and media theory to more or less sober undergraduates.

I blog and vlog at A Doll's House

My first Vidlicious video is a shout out to Ryanne for sending me a nice present...

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  1. That reminds me I have to get Ryanne's book! They did a great job. Also, I'm compelled to say that I think your hair is so awesome. :)

  2. I just got the book today! I like books with pictures ;)

  3. thank you zadi, i had it done last week and i actually hate it!!

    the book is good, i just finished it, and i think for a starter video-blogger it is perfect! it certainly would have saved me a lot of head ache when i started out!

  4. Hiya Trine! I watch your vlog all the time. And now you're here!