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  1. i agree wholeheartedly. I've been chewing these things for years and i wonder what the long term effects will turn out to be.
    short term -
    1. weight gain (yeah it sucks! it sucks MORE because by the time you get OFF the pill again, which usually is like years later, there is NO WAY you can return to whatever weight you started out at those million years later!),
    2. initial drop in libido (might have been due to the guy i was seeing (not wanting to see anymore!) at the time - this is like a million years ago!)
    OK that's all i can think of, but with this many exclamation marks in one comment, this will probably be blocked as span anyway! ;-)
    cross posted comment to your other blog......

  2. I am not a fan of birth control. I took birth control pills and too many antibiotics and I have spent the last two years repairing my intestinal system from Candida and other symptoms through diet and herbs. The naturopathic approach can address hormones and birth control if you are concerned about long term effects. I made this vlog post about the experience.