Why I videoblog. Why I watch videoblogs. Why I believe videoblogging can be a powerful force for expanding our perception of communities and individuals and for breaking down stereotypes. It's way too long, I appologize. I talk too slow and too much. I am working on that. I had a lot on my mind.

The "White" Guy Mashup (Order of Appearance)
Richard BF: All White Guys, http://www.kashum.com
Paul Reynoldson: Why The World Laughs at America, http://paulreyno.blogspot.com
Steve Garfield: People Are Future, I Can't Open It http://stevegarfield.blogs.com/videoblog
Michael Verdi: The Yang of Videoblogging, http://michaelverdi.com
Markus Sandy: Elevator Pitch, http://apperceptive.blogspot.com
Jay Dedman: The Talking Head Argument, http://www.momentshowing.net/momentshowing
Jerry Verdi: Wishbone, http://jerryverdi.com
Daily Dancer: Always Look On The Bright Side, http://dailydancer.com
Paul J Knight: Why The World Laughs At America, http://pjkproductions.blogspot.com
Daniel Liss: Season's Greetings, http://mookievlog.blogspot.com
Schlomo Rabinowitz: Lets Go To WonderCon, http://schlomolog.blogspot.com
Andrew Schneider: Degrees of Harmonies, http://whetherman.blogspot.com
Dave Huth: Extraordinary Things 4, http://davemedia.blogspot.com

Link to my vlog site: "Becoming A Nurse"


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  1. excellent video, Monika!

  2. thank you for posting this, it's wonderful.

    and it's not too long at all. i don't like people feeling they need to condense their content. it's like the silly theory that people don't read online. bah! if it's interesting to them, they'll read it and watch it, even if it's, god forbid, longer than 3 minutes (and where did that running time come from anyway?).

    in short, keep doing your thing :)

  3. Thanks, appreciate the feedback very much!

  4. Thanks for saying the things we sometimes forget to say :)
    Great vlog!

  5. I always like being reminded of the concept of being more then the whole of our labels.
    Thanks Monika.