The Last Shot

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On June 13, 2006 - I injected my last shot of testosterone. It was 50% of my normal dosage. I had been weaning for a few weeks prior. 2 shots at 75% then 2 at 50%.

I'm mostly relieved that I am done shooting myself with needles. This weekend I was a bit moody and I think that it might have been in part due to withdrawal from hormones. Being on T was a really emotionally even experience and now that I am done - I wonder if I will find myself experiencing more of the emotional spectrum soon.

I also wonder when my period will start again.

In other news, I made white pepper creme brulee tonight.

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  1. This was an amazing moment to have shared with us, Lukas. Please share more. Thank you! And congratulations on the last shot and all that means to you.