Election Anger Day

This is the second part of my election day story. Normally I don't do first person vlogs but I had no other way to convey my story. Never say never.

I have a reduced faith in this process. I have no faith about electronic voting or with the vivid examples of Florida and Ohio in my mind. This does nothing to convince me that there is anything that acts as a check or balance to election mischief.

It makes it easy for extremist writers and pundits to accuse people of beating a dead horse. I tell you, this country and its people can continue to ignore segments of the population if they want to at their own risk.

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  1. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Gena, I followed your frustration on the vlogging mailing list. I absolutely sympathize, but I think some of the concerns raised in the earlier discussion were valid.

    There's a fine line between being able to use video as part of a fair and open election process and infringing on other citizens' right to privacy and to vote without feeling intimidated (whether that's a vlogger's intention or not).

    A number of the suggestions that you say you'd like to see in place are sound in theory but unrealistic to expect to see implemented any time soon. But the first step to any change is to brainstorm solutions and you've given people a wonderful start.

    I'm very happy that you decided to vote. As a Canadian I'm in the incredibly frustrating position of having to live in a world that is negatively influenced by the US administration's policies but having no ability to affect that administration.