Art & Healing

Healing from childhood trauma is a lifelong process never finished.

Don't think most mental health professionals have a clue.

I'm healing through art and performance.

How about you?

Posting this scares the tar out of me.

Posted by The Faux Press

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  1. Wow! That was really beautiful. Thanks for taking the risk and being so vulnerable.
    Have you considered posting it on Angela Shelton's vlog: Survivor Manual? I bet her audience would really appreciate it.


    I just got MA as a counselor. I think a lot of people get drawn to counseling because they have worked through similar experiences.

    love and light. xoxo

  2. Quite beautiful. I love that you say you became your own hero. I think we all need to find that in ourselves, but it's not easy. Thanks for posting this.

  3. this is lemonade, and you are my hero, too

  4. Now that the tar is out, how are you feeling? Vidlicious I hope!

    I loved your mood in this video - very sweet not melancholy, very personal yet also inviting.

    Mahalo nui loa and thanks for being here.
    xo rox

  5. Yes, my sweet ladies, I'm feeling vidilicious, thanks to your comments. It was scarey to post.

    Think I need an objective eye or two to help me through the process of stitching all the media together to form a coherent documentary narrative toward helping others to heal.

    Too frightening to do alone.

    Any takers?

    XO to all for leaving your good, kind words.

  6. Jan, you're braver than most of us. I don't put any of that stuff out there. Maybe it's the reclaimation of control? And you're right: if people haven't been through it, they won't understand. That's too much for most of us, it seems. Hope this helped you. It was lovely. Bravo.

  7. Anonymous8:43 PM

    Childhood trauma... I can relate at 37 and still trying to work it all out....
    Whatever it takes... Just to get away from the sadness, depression, ups and downs.... I know this is attributed to the emotional pain...
    Thank You for posting.... It's very healing for others...

    Peace & Love to you....