Self portrait in two dimensions

Self Portrait in Two Dimensions

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My first foray into rotoscoping. For more information, including links to different stages in the making of this video, visit my website, Nanoramas.

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  1. wow, that's really pretty - i love rotoscoping - what did you use to do this?

  2. Very nice and I echo Backinblakk's question.

    More importantly, why do you prefer to see yourself this way?

  3. Thanks! I shot the original video with a mini-DV camera, imported the video into Final Cut, and then did the drawing in Photoshop with a graphics tablet. Then export that sequence back into Final Cut, and voila! Animation!

    Why do I prefer to see myself in this form? Well, it's simpler, more abstract, me and not-me. It's more comfortable to me, I suppose.

  4. it's beautiful! I doubt I'd have your patience - did you have to draw if frame by frame? I'd go insane!

  5. I loved this too Jen. Thanks for making it and sharing it. A beautiful simplicity.