Coconut Oil Hair Care Tutorial Videos

Hair is a powerful subject for women. It touches emotions, rights and definition. There is a genre of user generated videos strictly about hair and hair care.

Many are making the transition from processed to natural natural hair:

There is even a sub-genre of coconut oil based hair care videos. I need to help out the folks that don't cook. Not the stuff you put in alcoholic drinks. Not the stuff in the pink cans at the supermarket. No, really not at all the same thing.

You buy true coconut oil at health food stores. There is nothing in the jar except 100% coconut oil. This is Andrea with her Coconut Oil Demonstration:

Not only are folks talking about coconut oil but they throw in a little something extra. You can do it with Saran Wrap:

If you can't find it in the store then you can make some at home. This is TheWomanInside demonstration video on how to crack that nut.

Each one, teach one.

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