The Ritual of the Annual Family Portrait

A wee meditation on the nature of identity that leads me to ask how much influence family ritual and mythology exerts upon us.

Lots. Lots and lots.

Originally published @ The Faux Press.

Download Quicktime version HERE.

POST NOTE: Can no longer auto-post directly here from Blip.tv. Guessing it's the word verification function. Understandable, but, oh well.

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  1. Anonymous3:23 PM

    iTunes downloaded this, but then when I tried to synch my ipod it said that it was incompatible. I've got a fifth-gen video ipod, so why would it not be compatible? Is anyone else having this problem?

  2. Hrm. Used h264 video compression and AAC audio. Could that be it?

  3. Moss is beautiful.

    I don't think your compression settings could be the iTunes problem - that looks right. Maybe anonymous could right-click the video and choose the option to convert the video for the iPod. I think that will fix it.

  4. Perhaps your iTunes needs an upgrade to 7.XXX? After some thought, I'm thinking that's probably it.