Vloggercon 2006 - Second Post - About Walking and Talking

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This is a response to a comment I read on Michael Verdi's post on innovative vlogging.  Someone posted:


  1. Jimmy CraicHead @ Demand Condom said on 4 Jun 2006 at 8:46 pm:

    My choice for the only exciting video podcast, vlog, whatever would be http://www.secretpants.net/
    I found it on Firefox searching for something that wasn’t so self absorbed as the usual citizen jester holding a camera at arms length from his face, or watching someones feet walk along a path. It may be a bit for some but never boring. Vlogging should not be an iCam on someome who is basically reading a text blog. Give it an edge!

I'm interested in the discussion of what's innovative in vlogging without the need to categorize or put down various forms of expression.  I would like to see our community steer clear of loaded language like "talent" and "quality".


Thanks to the folks who helped me get to San Francisco for VLoggercon 2006 - it was a mind-expanding trip.



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