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I love PostSecret. It's a photocast. It's arte postale. It's a collaboration. It's a book: PostSecret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives. Anybody can play. It has a life outside the digital realm.

Do you have a particular quality that lets you get away with a lot of shit?

What are your secrets?

Would you be more honest if you could spill your secrets anonymously?

Have always thought one of the great things about Catholicism is its ritual of confession.

I feel better just thinking about finding and telling a secret.

I miss posting here in the throes of winter busy-ness, but wanted you to know I'm thinking of you. This image cried out to be posted here.

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  1. post secret is wonderful
    though i always wonder.
    how 'real' are the confessions?
    does it matter?
    why are the 'best' confessions also those most beautyfully 'designed'?

  2. I don't think 'real' matters as much as the act and idea of confession; that we bear witness to thoughts and ideas that have moved people to write and create; that it moves us to consider our secrets.