"Human Land Mine" :: Sunstroke :: Nathaniel's, Greensburg, PA

That's my old pal, business partner, & collaborator Phil Platten on bass and vox.

A delight to revisit our collaborative work. We were called "Sunstroke" after a contest to name the band brought forth a few barely mentionable names. Gosh, something like "....Beaver Twins". Does anyone recall the third-place entry?

Would not have broached the material but for the fact that Phil moved on a year ago this month. And but for the fact that another bass player with whom I had a band also took flight.

[I could not bring myself to say that Phil and Dick expired the first or second draft of this post. Dare I say it now...but 'moving on' and 'taking flight' are two terms that seem correct for what happened to them.]

Dick Bungo: a consummate musician tho I don't remember him being in any of the bands, singing groups or orchestras in high school. Not much of a 'joiner' our Dick. Neither have I turned out to be.

This can only be considered a first draft of the video of the piece, for I will want it as part of the soundtrack for "The World's Longest Open Love Letter".

The lyrics remind me where was emotionally in December of 1980, when this was recorded. Can't yet quite get my mind around it but in the editing -- in the meditation that is editing -- am certain all will become quickly clear.

Miss my old friend, roommate and Nathaniel's owner Dave Clark. Where are ya, Dave?

The full performance from that night may be found HERE for download.


  1. I saw Sunstroke at the Raspberry Rhinoceros in Pittsburgh in 1983 or 84 (or so) You were the best band that I had ever seen in a bar room.


  2. Small world. Thanks for saying. You made my day. The Raspberry Rhino was the best blues club ever. Think we only played there once or twice. You a Pittsburgh native?