Mena Trott At TED 2006

We are all running around doing, doing and trying to make the invisible real.

We rank and catalog what is and is not important. Worse, others who barely understand us rank and dispose of what they do not understand.

In this 2006 TED Talk Mena Trott makes the case that blogs and bloggers are a valid and essential part of the storytelling tradition. Mena is one of the founders of Six Apart. For more information and inspiration visit http://www.ted.com

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Staten Island Homestead

Went on a mission to find my friend's family homestead while working in Staten Island a couple summers ago.

Don't know if I found it or not.

Will have to see what Joanie says after she's seen the video.


Coming Out Day

National Coming Out Day was yesterday. You Tube featured my video to both a supportive and tough crowd. Ah, You Tube.


The Binkie Interview

These young ladies made my summer mornings as special as special can be. Neither I nor any of my sibilings have kids so hanging out with my friends' kids daily if only for a little bit, for six weeks, was charming. Getting in touch with my 'auntie' self.

Aren't they lovely?


Hound Dog Serenade

I could go into a list of excuses for why I've fallen off the vlogging wagon - or I could just post something... When you've been writing code and trying to figure out IIS servers for way too many hours, it's nice to take a break. My lady love made oatmeal cookies, I helped for a bit and then decided to serenade her, Hopey helped.


The Art of Foodblogging - A Discussion of Ethics

Watch the Windows Media Video
Watch the Quicktime Video

This is a clip of a discussion that took place at BlogHer 2007 about the ethics of foodblogging, how some folks need an ethical reality check on their actions; how hard it is to earn a living being a chef and how bloggers can help or hurt a tough situation.

Sitting on the steps of life when I'm not running all over the joint Gena's Out On the Stoop

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My First Emmy?

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Current TV received an Emmy Award Sunday night for outstanding achievement in interactive television. But whose achievement is it really?


Soft Bell Ringtone

A recording I made from my Grannie's Bell. A gift to you. Hope your phone can use the mp3 format.
Formats available: MP3 Audio (.mp3)


You Tube Debate Response

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A question of ours was included in the Dem You Tube Debate on Monday. Since we didn't get all that many clear answers, here are our thoughts on the debate itself.


Vlogcation: Villa Greenleaf

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Renee and Carolyn hooked us up with a few amazing days at Villa Greenleaf in Saint Croix. Thanks,ladies. Music by Alexi Murdoch.


Viola Liuzzo

Last weekend at the Allied Media Conference, I had the exceptional privilege to spend the majority of my Detroit immersion with Ron Scott, who graciously took me to an important local landmark one sunny afternoon and gave me a fascinating civil rights history lesson.

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Lumiere 3

Feel free to leave your own (sad) music running.

Come see some more lumieres I've done at shooting full force and check out the lumiere guidelines for more info.

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Pride Run 2007

Third time running.

It may in fact be that Brian Orser was not there.

But oh well.

Art and Eros in Los Angeles

It was like any gallery show. Some good, some base level art work and a couple of exceptional pieces. They had to be, they cost at least $4,500 and up.

The piece that I like the best was the white marble with the hips and thighs just like mine!

The images are of an explicit nature. Seriously explicit. If you have trouble with naked fruit of a human nature you aren't gonna like this. Absolutely not safe for work.

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Proof positive that I am SPOILED, SPOILED, SPOILED.

And, that I have a limited vocabulary.

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Universal in the particular

I always forget to cross post. Bah. Sorry about that. Here ya go ladies.

Made, at times, with my two favorite Jay videos in mind (Crazy Arms & Stutter Frames).

Parenthood, Kid Koala

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A Cowtown Minute #2 - Mechanical Bullriding

I had one goal in my mind when I set off to Calgary, to ride a mechanical bull. Well, I am someone who goes for the brass ring - here is the proof. ** caught on tape at http://www.ranchmans.com/ **

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So every year I make my friend and co-artist Lindy a piece of weird art for her birthday. This year. Vlog art.

Link to my vlog site

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Trailer for Inside Out - Toronto's Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival

I made this for this year's festival. This will be on Showcase soon...crazy! Go to insideout.ca for program info - see you at the movies!

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Women :: Gatekeepers to Sex?

Trailer for a short from the Tribeca Film Festival on how things for women change, sometimes only with great courage.

Sadly, one step forward is often followed by three steps back.

Women have historically been the keepers of sexual morality, and have borne social and legal responsibility for men unable to keep their pants zipped.

"Cover yourself," has been an answer in some cultures, and if a woman fails to prevent male sexual aggression, she pays with her life.

What's with that?

It's time for men to take responsibility for their pressing sexuality.

[posted courtesy The Faux Press]

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Distributed Ass Kicking

DAK is a SpinXpress group created with Jen Simmons so we keep our most difficult projects moving forward.

This one's for you, Jen.

What do you do for your friends to keep 'em going in the direction they most wish to go? How do we help one another to move forward in a world that tends toward entropy?


Springtime: New York

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There's nothing quite like that first weekend of beautiful weather that finally puts a New York winter to bed. Music: A Heart in New York by Art Garfunkel.


Open Source Feminism

Click to Play Open Source Feminism

Penguin Day is a day-long workshop for nonprofit organizations to explore the range of issues and options inovlved in using Free and Open Source Software. Penguin Days happen in different locations several times a year and for the past three years, these meetings have taken place after the annual NTC: Nonprofit Technology Conference. Last Saturday, I attended my first one. Although I was pretty exhausted by Saturday, I learned a great deal.

I was curious to observe the gender balance at Penguin Day and while I'm not as meticulous as Christine in counting and calculating the number of women and men in the room, I took a quick video to get a reading. Very roughly, the percentages for Penguin Day look better than industry standards for both OS and commercial software. The video incorporates some slides from Angela Byron's excellent presentation, "Women in Floss" which also speaks to the dark side of gender issues in FOSS communities. The presentation offers some good pointers to women in how to get involved in FOSS communities.

More at Beth's Blog

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From 1000 Reasons to Cut Your Hair

A video poem on the joys of gender / health / political / sexual identity through hair. Music by the St. Andrews Pipes & Drums of Tampa Bay.

In response to Gena's earlier post here; Gena, of Out on the Stoop.

[From The Faux Press]


Headbone Blues or A Bald Scalp Lament

Sometimes you have to stimulate yourself. Physically. Creatively. Emotionally. There are other times when things happen and you move forward.

I can't sing even carrying a reinforced bucket but it was the only way I could figure to express these sentiments. Bald is cool and more women should try it for a little while. Especially for the summer.

But for those that have no choice about hair loss for whatever reason I just wanted to give a little bit of a smile and a wink.

This music is from Ralph Woodin, the track is called Bent Sling Blues and you can find it on the Internet Archive.

Out On The Stoop

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The Doodler

I guess it's been a bit eh? Here's to digging deep(ly into your shelves of endless notes to find inspiration)

Link to my vlog site


Love And Rights

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Jocelyn and Mary were recently civil unioned and asked me to be their witness. It was an honor.


Tapping The Glass

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My cousin Erin got married this weekend in Washington D.C. and Jen and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. I have many fond childhood memories of both Erin and her sister, Stephanie, and am so glad we have re-connected as adults, spending some time together here in New York this past year. An unfortunate incident occured at the reception, something I am replaying in my head over and over, wishing I had said and done things differently. Jen and I discuss what happened here because now, with video and the Internet, people are held more accountable for their actions. I chose not to record the incident as it was happening out of respect for my cousin Erin on her wedding day. But I will say this: The invention of video blogging and the convenience of You Tube is a gauntlet thrown down at the feet of bigotry, homophobia, sexism, racism and all the ugliness that humans can muster. Best behave, Cousin Fred. Best behave. Music by: Keane


Confessions :: PostSecret

I love PostSecret. It's a photocast. It's arte postale. It's a collaboration. It's a book: PostSecret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives. Anybody can play. It has a life outside the digital realm.

Do you have a particular quality that lets you get away with a lot of shit?

What are your secrets?

Would you be more honest if you could spill your secrets anonymously?

Have always thought one of the great things about Catholicism is its ritual of confession.

I feel better just thinking about finding and telling a secret.

I miss posting here in the throes of winter busy-ness, but wanted you to know I'm thinking of you. This image cried out to be posted here.

Link to my vlog site

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This is Where It's At (Beach Walk #364)

Click the image to watch the Quicktime version. (7:42)

-OR- iPod Version
-OR- Windows Media Version

Mighty J is a new all woman band forming in Hawaiʻi and I just love their energy! Their music is contemporary and their spirit is full of aloha. They have been prodicing a video podcast of their process and it is wonderful too.

This movie was originally posted on Beach Walks with Rox, Show #364.

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Musings From The Laundry Mat of Life - Imperfections

This is the 3.79MB Windows Media Version

This is the 3.41MB QuickTime Video

I have been struggling to get this out of my head. I had my own perfection issues to deal with. Mainly I'm not doing this right or perfect. It finally came down to do it and be done with it.

This is what I have figured out so far and was able to make a small demonstration video of a very big issue. I think if more of us could get a handle of what is being transmitted to our heads and see our true selves we could increase the mental health of this nation by a factor or ten.

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The Ritual of the Annual Family Portrait

A wee meditation on the nature of identity that leads me to ask how much influence family ritual and mythology exerts upon us.

Lots. Lots and lots.

Originally published @ The Faux Press.

Download Quicktime version HERE.

POST NOTE: Can no longer auto-post directly here from Blip.tv. Guessing it's the word verification function. Understandable, but, oh well.

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Making Pasta

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This is my first time making pasta from scratch - it went so well that I think this might become my new "thing". Next time: Ravioli.