Cathryn Wellner 's Video for World Storytelling Day

It is raining. Poring. The thunderclaps are preventing anyone from snoring. March 20, 2011 is World Storytelling Day. There are events that are celebration of the tradition of oral storytelling.

Untitled from Cathryn Wellner on Vimeo.

There is the official web site http://worldstorytellingday.webs.com where you can see if there is something happening in your area.

There is also a website called World Storytelling Day that is associated with another site called Get Storied. That is a web site that deals with the business application of storytelling.

Whew! Anyway the video is a lovely tale about how Cathryn Wellner met her partner through a flood. Life happens when you make other plans.

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Speaking for Planned Parenthood - Video Advocacy

One of the things that I feel is important is that video can provide a platform for women to share their own thought and feelings about a topic. Not a talking point or a position from a non-profit but from a specific person's point of view.

Beyond the posturing and misogyny running rampant this is Andrea Grimes telling how de-funding Planned Parenthood will affect her life. This is an example of how web video can be used to present your views on a topic. You can read more about Andrea at her blog or her channel on YouTube.

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