Matching Tattoos - Post-Mich 2006

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Joey and I get our matching tattoos at the end of August. A tribute to the crew we both work on at the michigan womyn's music festival.


After an absence

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I love you Scotty.? And thank you, Nathan, for driving me to make this post.? Hopefully I'll make some more soon.

Smackem Yackem

A short video made for Iowa City Microcinema’s 24-Hour Video Race this past weekend, featuring a little beatboxing bubblegum. You can guess what the required “mystery prop” was. Co-created with Aaron Valdez of Aaron Valdez Film and Video and Valdezatron Industries. From Nanoramas.

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Na Wahine O Ke Kai Part 1

This is the world championship of long distance outrigger canoe racing. 41 miles across open ocean (some of the deepest waters on earth), from the island of Molokai to Duke Kahanamoku Beach on Oahu. Women fought for 20 years to be allowed to use the canoes for this race that was initially exclusive to men. These canoes are based on the traditional canoes that travelers from Polynesia used to discover the islands of Hawaiʻi.

Please also check out Mindy Clark's videos from the entire race weekend. Mindy has done the race 24 times (and won 10 times!) and is videoblogging the race this year.

Beach Walks with Rox (Part 2 will be posted late on 9/25/06.)

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fall in phoenix

Today is the first day of Fall. The weather is definitely starting to cool down, and it’s wonderful. Join me on my porch in Phoenix, and check out the first signs of the new season.

Besides Vidlicious, this is my first vlog collaboration (instigated by Ted on the Yahoo videoblogging group).

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What If Everyone Did What They Loved?

Marian worked in the Family Court system for over 20 years and had not realized the toll it was taking on her. She made a complete career change, and is now a self-taught, woman wood worker.
This is show # 209 from Beach Walks with Rox

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Art & Healing

Healing from childhood trauma is a lifelong process never finished.

Don't think most mental health professionals have a clue.

I'm healing through art and performance.

How about you?

Posting this scares the tar out of me.

Posted by The Faux Press

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Racoon in a Garbage Bin - Michfest 2006

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So I love racoons, you may already know this about me, and one morning I found this little baby in the garbage bin. This happens rarely - but when it does, you can bet I'm running for the camera. I love how it growls!

Immediately after shooting this, we tipped the barrel and let him run off into the woods.

Dancing in the Kitchen - MIch 2006

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Here's a little snippet of our summer fun in the worker's kitchen at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival. We get to make great food, listen to danceable music and play with each other all day!

This footage was shot by my pal H.P. a fellow kitchen worker.


Self portrait in two dimensions

Self Portrait in Two Dimensions

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My first foray into rotoscoping. For more information, including links to different stages in the making of this video, visit my website, Nanoramas.

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(unused) intro for ze frank

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OK, so I made this video intro for ze frank's show. He didn't use it, but he liked it. I like that there's a place where wealthy, impatient people in gas guzzling hummers have to stop and let little duckies cross the road.

Read more here: www.hummingcrow.com

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Sexy, funny ladies

This is a clip from a video series I am working on for The PAN about contemporary burlesque performers. This video features two very fabulous ladies, Clams Casino and Little Brooklyn.
Hope you enjoy.. there's more to come
Mica - http://www.micawave.tv

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Cyanotype Sun Print

Creating a cyanotype sun print at Puhino Pa on the North Island of New Zealand. Read more here: www.hummingcrow.com

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THis is sadder sounding than i wanted it to be...maybe it's the "Metric"...

Sorry it's been so long

Sorry it's been so long folks. What can i say? I got married and had a full time retail job. AND blip.tv was not really liking me there for a while.

But here is some earlier stuff...

more to come.

Link to my vlog site