Coconut Oil Hair Care Tutorial Videos

Hair is a powerful subject for women. It touches emotions, rights and definition. There is a genre of user generated videos strictly about hair and hair care.

Many are making the transition from processed to natural natural hair:

There is even a sub-genre of coconut oil based hair care videos. I need to help out the folks that don't cook. Not the stuff you put in alcoholic drinks. Not the stuff in the pink cans at the supermarket. No, really not at all the same thing.

You buy true coconut oil at health food stores. There is nothing in the jar except 100% coconut oil. This is Andrea with her Coconut Oil Demonstration:

Not only are folks talking about coconut oil but they throw in a little something extra. You can do it with Saran Wrap:

If you can't find it in the store then you can make some at home. This is TheWomanInside demonstration video on how to crack that nut.

Each one, teach one.

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Adrianne George - Black Women In Europe Power List

I met Adrianne a few years ago at BlogHer. She is an American Expat living in Europe. This is a simple but powerful video.

Per Adrianne:

Women on the Black Women in Europe™: Power List include seasoned politicians, accomplished performers, and champion athletes as well as social entrepreneurs and rising stars in the business world. “This list will serve as a source of inspiration to black women everywhere”

Sometime you just need words and pictures to tell your story. When we think of Europe we don't think of the black women and women of color who not only live in Europe but are helping to transform and advance that section of the world.

This is Adrianne's video on the Black Women in Europe Power List. For more information about what folks are doing across the creek visit Adrianne's blog Black Women in Europe.

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Shae and 5 Minutes of Printmaking

If you really have to spend money in order to enjoy the holidays then you could allocate some of your disposable income toward crafters. They literally take the time to make what you see.

This is a video of Shae working on a print project. She is carving out the image that will be transferred to paper. Be on the lookout for craft fairs in your area and don't bitch and moan about the cost.

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Kristin LaVanway On Real Estate Videoblogging

Women are incorporating video into their business practices. There is a real estate video. There are different facets of real estate videos from recording houses for sale, to get to know the agent or as a means of marketing.

As with anything there is hype and misinformation. This is a refreshing video from Kristin who talks about her experiences as a real estate videoblogger and what it takes to get your business going.

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Vlomo10 - Melbourne Day

This is a day of races but in Melbourne they mean horses.

This is a video from Kath with a little taste of Melbourne Day.

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Vlomo10 - A Garden Gal

Not as many ladies participating in VlogMo10 but we are here!

This is Kate Copsey at A Garden Gal and the day after the frost.

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How Art Shapes Culture - Thelma Godden

Maybe we are in the fix we are in culturally is because we are art deprived. We need a more expansive view of ourselves via art.

In this 2009 TED presentation Thelma Godden talks about the ways that art can be transformative for a community and how art can lead to the next level of cultural definition.

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It Gets Better - Sera T

This video is from Sera T who speaks about being a bi-sexual transgirl, the difference between gender and orientation and being true to yourself.

Long after we forget the reasons for these videos it is important that we speak louder than the haters and fear mongers.

We can do better. This is a step in the right direction. For more information and videos visit the It Gets Better project channel on YouTube.

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It Gets Better - Alice

Alice is straight but got called names in school. Bullies don't care, their intention is to hurt another person.

This is her video reminder that it gets better.

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It Gets Better - Deb Adler

I want to do a cross section of the many videos being uploaded not by celebrities but by people who have life experiences and stories to tell. Some of them have had success and some folks have come up on the rough side of the mountain.

Either way they are still here to tell their stories. This is Deb's.

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It Gets Better - Michelle

This is one of the many videos being uploaded to the It Gets Better Channel. This is Michelle from New Jersey.

For more information visit the YouTube It Gets Better Project channel.

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Art and Air Music - Old School Vlog Retropective

This is an old school video that I did in 2007. The sculptures are located at Barnsdall Park in Los Angeles. You have to climb a bunch of freaking steps to get to the complex but it is a neat place to go.

I was at some kind of art event and I needed to get some air or visible space. I went outside and started looking at the sculptures. It became fun to stand and watch the music, the wind and the art work perform.

Sometimes you just have to be quiet and observant.

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Alexa Meade - Fooling With Your Perceptions

Alexa Meade is an artist who plays with space, paint and dimensions. This is a video demonstrating her painting style.

For more information about Alexa visit her web site.

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Karen's Montage of BlogHer 10 in 4 Days and 4 Minutes

Karen Walrond is a photographer, blogger and Contributing Editor at BlogHer. This is a great example of combining photos and videos to tell a story.

It is also a great opportunity to actually look at women. These are real people without the need for grease paint and stylists. Karen's skill behind the lens allows the person to feel comfortable in being themselves.

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Margaret Fabrizio and How She Vlogs

September 12,2010 Correctional Update:

I made a major boo-boo. This isn't Brook Hinton, this is Margaret Fabrizio. Brook explains how I got confused in the comments. My apologies to both of them but none the less, if you are 80 years or younger pick up a camera and declare yourself.

Anyway this still is a grand video. It shouldn't matter one bit how old Margaret is and I will continue to point to her as a pathfinder. It will make my efforts to get the 50 to 70 year old people off their butts and get to work a bit easier.

Those under 40 I'm not going to show much mercy. I want you to create.

This is an exploration of creativity, of personal history used as a story narrative that the abundance we all have to transport ourselves into a bit of the future. Do it. It is possible.

If you would like to check out Brook Hinton's work visit the web site and dive in.

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2 Artists and Growing Window Farms.org

You can talk about how bad things are. If you have a lick of sense you can decide that finding answers is a whole lot more productive. Working with others to find a wide range of answers is even better.

Britta Riley and Rebecca Bray are artists who saw that there are better options that damning people to hell. Like maybe combining recycling and giving people the ability to grow their own food?

Here are more details about the project:

For more information about the project and how to get started visit Windowfarms.org

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Mur Lafferty of I Should Be Writing

You know, you don't have to do anything. Really. There are choices. There are consequences. There is the lesson and there is the obligatory trip-up. I often tell folks you don't have to commit to a video series. If you just want to try one video that is ok. If three is your limit, go for it. Or stop.

If you don't want to create video book trailers, don't. Yeah, if your heart isn't in it let it go, let it flow.

Mur Lafferty is a author and podcaster. She has a site called The Muirvers and another called I Should Be Writing. Good stuff to be found no matter where you land.

My point in posting this video is that being yourself, being honest is what is going to save us from the dregs. If it is not working for you there are options like trying again or dumping the sucker.

Mur is right by the way. 90% of book trailers suck. Or on the positive side it is a potential market waiting for a genus to transform it.

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Women's Media Center - Our Voices Recorded

I will tell anyone, anytime that the value of women speaking out cannot be ignored. If mainstream media continues to filter us out then we must do everything we can to be seen and heard.

This is a video from the Women's Media Center.

The Women's Media Center create their own advocacy activities, create media and train other women on how to do the same.

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Pond Plant Girl or What To Do With A Rotten Banana

Part of the joy of discovering how women are using web video is that you will always learn something. Gail Gates has a love for pond plants. On her blog and web site you can get information on starting a water based garden.

But Gail has been known to get into the dirt as well. In this video she is showing what you can do with some laughter, a banana and an artichoke.

For more information about Gail you can visit her website at pondplantgirl.com or if you want answer to questions or to see more videos check out her blog.

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Erica Jong on the Pill and the Early 1960s

Not a vlog or vlogger but this is a perspective from a woman who knows a little something about time, perspective and the journey.

From WNET this is a clip of poet/author Erica Jong talking about the pill, the early part of the 1960's and why men probably won't take a birth control pill.

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Miro Video Converter Demonstration

This is a demonstration of the Miro Video Converter that makes it very easy to convert videos from your computer to mobile phones or media devices.

At the time I couldn't find a decent Miro tutorial video so I made my own. Nothing fancy just showing folks that all you need to do is drag and drop the video into the converter and select the video format.

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Annie Sprinkles on Her Sexual Spiritual Path

It is that time of year when we think good thoughts about the self-induced rub-a-dub-dub. I thought it would be interesting to find videos of women talking about sexuality from a non-salacious point of view.

Non-commercial or at the very least speaking from a place of authenticity. To kick things off I give you the high priestess of joy that flows from within, Ph.D educated with a heck of a practicum to back her up, Annie Sprinkes.

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Kath on Relaxing and A Moment of Meditation

Videos don't have to be long dramatic explorations. Sometimes it can be one idea shared. This is Kath on her Day 2 contribution to Videoblogging Week 2010.

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Kom maar op! - Esther Schouls VBW 2010

I haven't a clue as to what this video is about. It seems it is in a church or religious setting. It looks like a bible camp activities. I run it through Google Translate and it comes up with:

A fun way to view photos of the Vacation Bible Week held at the Zion Church, Alphen aan den Rijn

The language is Dutch by the way. VBW = Vacation Bible Week. Duh! Not Videoblogging Week. Oh well, to save face this is a chance to take a peak at folks across the creek.

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Already Pretty Tutorial on Refashinging T-Shirts

I was reading Deb Roby's post on refashioning t-shirts. This somehow led me to Sally.

Sally McGraw at Already Pretty has a tutorial on how to recycle/re-purpose a t-shirt for a second life. The point is one you don't have to rush out to buy new stuff and two, not everyone is a videoblogger but many people are using video to educate, share what they know and have a bit of fun.

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National Poetry Month - Librarian Sara McLaughlin

It is National Poetry Month. What better time to share a video from librarian Sara McLaughlin who read a few selections from "Once I Ate A Pie." I found this video at "Plain Talk" the blog at the Des Moine Public Library.

If you like poetry and friends of the four legged persuasion then your inner or external child might enjoy this excerpt.

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What Is Drupal Video by Laura Scott

There are periods of time when you will hear someone say that women are not involved in the business of technology. Women are involved. Women own and operate technology companies.

Laura Scott at PingVision is one of those women. This is an explanation that she has created to explain what Drupal is and what the product can do for potential clients and other interested people; some of whom are women.

So when you see an article in a major newspaper that makes dumb uninformed statements about the non-existence of women in technology take a moment to remember this video.

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DJ Ruth - Age 69

Maybe this aging thing is underrated. So long as you got the beat it is a life long house party.

This is DJ Ruth.

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Garden Girl TV - Sustainable Gardens and Videoblogging Green

I discovered Patti Moreno videos years ago when looking for vlog role models. Where there is dirt there is Patti planting something in it. This is a freaking great idea about using garden socks to set up a flower garden.

Patti's commitment and her use of video to promote gardening, sustainable living skills and all things green is amazing. For more information about Patti visit her site at Urban Sustainable Gardens.

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History of Household Tools From the Library of Congress

In order to understand and appreciate how far American women have come you need to understand how women lived and worked in the past. This is a good opportunity to get an understanding of just how hard work was back in the day.

For example if you wanted a chicken dinner you had to grab it, kill it, clean it and cook it. Or there was beans. Lots and lots of beans.

March is Women's History Month. Let's go behind the stacks at the Library of Congress to learn about the tools used to make a home back in the day.

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NY State Senator Diane Savino on Gay Marriage Bill

A politician is a speaker of agendas. That is why they are elected; because the politician resonates with their constituents on a number of issues. Or not. We rarely get to hear full sentences or expanded comments unless we are watching the feed from C-Span or local government.

In December of 2009 New York Senator Diane Savino spoke about the gay marriage bill for New York state. I'm posting this because we need to see examples of women speaking on an issue of the day where they have an elected voice in the process.

This is her comments about the bill.

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Professor Lora Iannotti Talks About Nutrition and Haiti

Time again to look at how women can use video to help expand the discussion beyond sound bites. Lora Iannotti is a professor at Brown School at Washington State University in St. Louis. She was in Haiti to research and evaluate a nutrition product when the quake hit.

This is her narrative of the event:

Also in the video is Tom Stehl, operations director for Meds & Food for Kids who talks about the level of malnutrition in Haiti before the quake and what would be needed after.

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Cat Lainé Talks About AIDG

It is not the time to be dormant. Perhaps we should expand from not just women creating videos but women using or appearing in videos to communicate to the broader world. This is Cat Lainé.

From the web site:

The Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group (AIDG) helps individuals and communities get affordable and environmentally sound access to electricity, sanitation and clean water. Through a combination of business incubation, education, and outreach, we help people get technology that will better their health and improve their lives.

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