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Some of my college comedy troupe recently got together for dinner, causing me to reflect on the enormous effect they've had on my life. Special thanks to Serra Hirsch for the "fundue".


Granny Peace Brigade Support

It was windy. It was cold. There were more signs than people but the ladies wanted to show their support to the Washington, D.C. Granny group that met with Senators trying to get their voices heard about the war in Iraq. For more information visit http://www.grannypeacebrigade.org

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Crystal and Andy are master pranksters. Their stunts and practical jokes are legendary amongst their family, friends and even a few strangers. Here's a look inside their antics, which inspired me to try a prank of my own.


Introducing: What We Found

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This video introduces a new videoblog, "What We Found," over at whatwefound.blogspot.com. It's a video journal documenting my experiences in a Phoenix College course called "Urban Field Studies: The Art of Finding." Check it out, and follow along as I learn about the best materials foraging sites in Phoenix.

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The last few weeks of 2006 came crushing down on me. For some reason, the only memory caught on tape was this.


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Cringe is a monthly reading series here in Brooklyn. It is hands down THE funniest show in New York. Check out my reading of a high school journal from 1990 and prepare to cringe.


another node hits the road

Yeah, so I bought a stupid vanity plate. I included a tool tip for geek girls, too.


"otro mujer"


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Guilty Pleasures

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Season Four of "The L Word" premiered this week, forcing me to re-consider my guilty pleasures. "The L Word" inciting neither guilt nor pleasure.


Polar Dip 2007 - Gals go to Coney Island

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This year was my second dash into the Atlantic Ocean on January 1st. Of course with global warming this seems less and less extreme. It was warmer this year than last year even though this year the sky was overcast and it was raining a little. Many thanks to the wonderful Andr?a for documenting my traditional 'swim'. Get it on 2007.




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On January 7, 1980, I lost my grandfather to heart disease. This is a short video tribute to him, made from old family photos. He was a good man and a quiet man. He wore brown, smoked a pipe, and smelled like warm and safe. He loved his family. I miss him. Original blog entry at: hummingcrow.com

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