Tessa on Creativity

Forgive me spirit, it has been a long while since my last post. It is a time thing and I don't have much of it anymore. I'll try to do better. So much has change since 2005 when women were just starting to work with video in the Internet.

And some things have not changed, such as questions about creativity.

Many of the technological barriers are gone. Now, we need to work on the internal ones that silence us. 

There is no question, Tessa has lots of creativity.

As do we all.

Go forth and do you thing.


Lisa Byrne has a web site called the Well Grounded Life. She is an author and holistic health counselor. And a mom. And a business person.

Lisa uses video to support her mission to help moms replenish and support themselves and their communities.

In this video, she talks about planning for a sustained change that will be more effective than a rush mission of purpose.
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GeekGirl Con - A Word from the Attendees

I learned about GeekGirl Con by seeing the tweet stream. Sounds like it was a lot of fun and this is a testimonial of sorts by some of the participants.

Reel Grrls and Feminist Frequency had a Vlogging workshop at the convention and this is some of what was recorded.

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Victoria Gazeley on Modern Homestead

I hear the sounds of Green Acres when I hear folks talk about going back to the land. I'm part city girl. I can relate to a fictional situation comedy about wanting to be back in nature.

I also know the reality of spending time with my grandmother. I chopped wood, drew well water and kept an I out for that rooster.

Not everybody can go back to farm life but you might want to consider incorporating a bit of it in your life.

This is Victoria Gazeley who lives in Canada. In this video she talks about her reasons for moving out of the city and living as close as she can to a modern homesteading life.

Her blog can be found at ModernHomesteading.ca

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Craft Based Videos Created by Women

Women create all kinds of video content. The crafting community is no exception.

This video by Corrinne at Craftvision for the magazine Craftzine on Top 10 Favorite DIY Wedding Dress Ideas and Inspirations.

Just as there are a bunch of people who do not want to get traditionally married there are folks that do but they want their own look and style to be represented. There are others that want to look good but do not have the cash for a $15,000 gown.

For the DYI folks, this is for you.

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