Pond Plant Girl or What To Do With A Rotten Banana

Part of the joy of discovering how women are using web video is that you will always learn something. Gail Gates has a love for pond plants. On her blog and web site you can get information on starting a water based garden.

But Gail has been known to get into the dirt as well. In this video she is showing what you can do with some laughter, a banana and an artichoke.

For more information about Gail you can visit her website at pondplantgirl.com or if you want answer to questions or to see more videos check out her blog.

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Erica Jong on the Pill and the Early 1960s

Not a vlog or vlogger but this is a perspective from a woman who knows a little something about time, perspective and the journey.

From WNET this is a clip of poet/author Erica Jong talking about the pill, the early part of the 1960's and why men probably won't take a birth control pill.

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Miro Video Converter Demonstration

This is a demonstration of the Miro Video Converter that makes it very easy to convert videos from your computer to mobile phones or media devices.

At the time I couldn't find a decent Miro tutorial video so I made my own. Nothing fancy just showing folks that all you need to do is drag and drop the video into the converter and select the video format.

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Annie Sprinkles on Her Sexual Spiritual Path

It is that time of year when we think good thoughts about the self-induced rub-a-dub-dub. I thought it would be interesting to find videos of women talking about sexuality from a non-salacious point of view.

Non-commercial or at the very least speaking from a place of authenticity. To kick things off I give you the high priestess of joy that flows from within, Ph.D educated with a heck of a practicum to back her up, Annie Sprinkes.

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