What Is Drupal Video by Laura Scott

There are periods of time when you will hear someone say that women are not involved in the business of technology. Women are involved. Women own and operate technology companies.

Laura Scott at PingVision is one of those women. This is an explanation that she has created to explain what Drupal is and what the product can do for potential clients and other interested people; some of whom are women.

So when you see an article in a major newspaper that makes dumb uninformed statements about the non-existence of women in technology take a moment to remember this video.

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DJ Ruth - Age 69

Maybe this aging thing is underrated. So long as you got the beat it is a life long house party.

This is DJ Ruth.

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Garden Girl TV - Sustainable Gardens and Videoblogging Green

I discovered Patti Moreno videos years ago when looking for vlog role models. Where there is dirt there is Patti planting something in it. This is a freaking great idea about using garden socks to set up a flower garden.

Patti's commitment and her use of video to promote gardening, sustainable living skills and all things green is amazing. For more information about Patti visit her site at Urban Sustainable Gardens.

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History of Household Tools From the Library of Congress

In order to understand and appreciate how far American women have come you need to understand how women lived and worked in the past. This is a good opportunity to get an understanding of just how hard work was back in the day.

For example if you wanted a chicken dinner you had to grab it, kill it, clean it and cook it. Or there was beans. Lots and lots of beans.

March is Women's History Month. Let's go behind the stacks at the Library of Congress to learn about the tools used to make a home back in the day.

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