She can dance!

Some of you may know about this already but..
I have been working on a collaboration with Jenai Cutcher to make a film about women tap dancers. We have been blogging and vlogging about it all year here
From the beginning of my career as a vlogger, I had the idea that it could be used as a great tool for independent filmmakers to develop content while also generating excitement around the project.
It's working!
Here's the 3 min. promo video we made to help us generate funds to finish the film

from Mica


  1. Mica this is an awesome project. can't wait to see it in full form.

  2. Mica, this looks like a great film. thanks for posting this! i'm working on a doc myself, and this encourages me to keep pushing on.

  3. very cool. I've always been fascinated by tap dancing.. wonder why...