Response to Sexism Conversation

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Greetings everyone. This is Jen from EbbAndFlow.tv My huband and I just posted our response to the conversation about sexism that happened within the vlogosphere.

Sexual Assult Statistics
The Beauty Business: Pots of promise
For information about women and sexual abuse, check out Angela Shelton's work. She's a filmmaker who has become a spokesperson for survivors.

Features the following material:
Photo via Untitled by Daniel Liss
Sexism in the Vlogosphere by Brittany Shoot
My Response by Paul Knight
Hostess Hotties
by Anne Walk
Follow up thoughts on the vlogosphere by Brittany Shoot
A Bronchial Reply… by Casey McKinnon
A Dinner Conversation by Ryanne Hodson & Jay Dedman
The Appearance Game by Roxanne Darling
To Prove A Point by Ryanne Hodson & Jay Dedman

Music: "Hidden" by Planck via ccmixter


  1. Jen. Thanks for posting this here. This video is really thought provoking. This is a really important conversation that we should all continue having.

  2. Yes, I'd like so second the, "thanks for posting this here".

  3. I think it's great that these conversations are happening here.

    It's really encouraging and inspiring.

  4. this is SUCH an important response and one i agree witn wholeheartedly. I've been a bit scared (how ironic!) to jump into this debate, simply from fear of getting this waterfall of accusations thrown at me for "not having a sense of humour" or - like you said not accepting that this is "just how things are - get over it" !
    I feel really inspired now - thank you!!!