Motor Cycles


In this video, I am thinking about my role as a vlogger and as a community member. Is the act of watching/taping the act of participating? What am I participating in? I am thinking about mediation of experience or mediation as experience, control and motorcycles.

Anne Walk, No Practice

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  1. Anne, this was just beautiful and powerful. You described something that I experienced only a few months back en route from NV to CA. A motorcyclist had just been killed - body laying on the road, cars backed up, I still remember his arms and legs peaking out from under the blanket over him. I felt sick to my stomach afterwards... for quite a long time afterwards, and then the day forced on.

  2. thankyou for the kind words, zadi.

    love vidilicious and the thought behind it. group vlogs are a great way to go, i think.

  3. it's an amazing example of what it is to observe something... what it is to be an observer i guess.

    I think about that all the time. About why i want to document things and how that kind of places me in the story...
    places other people in mine...

    really amazing.


  4. in some ways, i think that the camera is a distancing device - it's only a movie - which makes me wonder about what videoblogging our lives means...

  5. You have a point there, Anne, but based on the emotional depth you reached for and touched in this one, there's no way YOU're going down that distancing road. Wow. Wow.


  6. oh jan. you made me blush. thankyou for that.

  7. Like Zadi, I witnessed the aftermath of a motorcycle accident where the rider was killed. It happened about 6 years ago, but I'll never forget the image of the young man dying in the middle of the road.

    It was at a sub[urban] intersection where the residents had been petitioning for 4-way stop signs for quite awhile. Needless to say, they got them after that. I'm not sure, but they may have even gotten traffic lights.